mini trend – tiffany blue

Perhaps this is cliche as I’m sure this type of blog has been done before. This is also very close to the colour of the year announced by Pantone and I have to say I resisted it at first, however this is a colour that has been sought after since the dawn of Tiffany’s in 1837 in the form of the prized ‘little blue box’. The actual colour itself is not made available to the public, however designers are doing a great job of coming very close. We are not only seeing it in large scale forms, but in fashion, small accessories ~ even vacuum cleaners! Everyone seems to be catching on to the colour that most girls dream about, appropriately called Tiffany Blue.

1. Tiffany’s anticipated blue box 2. Kristen leather satchel from Coach 3. Knob from Anthropologie 4. Mosaic tile from Ann Sacks 5. Miele vacuum cleaner 6. Storage boxes from See Jane Work 7. Accent table from Somerset Bay 8. Watelet fabric from Designers Guild 9. DIY painted glass bottles ~ see April issue of House and Home magazine page 36 for the how to. *not available online

I love how this colour has been used to highlight the front entry door of this home. It’s cheery and bright and it says ~ “welcome, come on in!” From the archives of Domino magazine.

So if getting the infamous “blue box” from Tiffany’s is not in your future, don’t despair! Grab a can of paint, a new handbag or a few accessories and add a pop of colour to your room. Maybe, just maybe it’ll even make you want to vacuum!


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  1. Love the tiffany blue color – especially that Anne Sacks tile! Several years ago we did a designer showcase and used this shade for upholstery, drapery and other accents. It was a huge hit! Even today, years later, clients are still calling me and asking for us to do their interiors because of the “Tiffany & Company” room. They want to use the same color! It’s so pretty. Great post.

  2. Was thinking of Jacqueline’s room (above) while reading this..great post…I painted the exterior of some beautiful bottles at home..if you paint the interior the water for flowers will wreck it…very pretty…great post!!


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