let’s learn: wool carpets

I’ve been working on several projects lately where we’ve been on the hunt for carpet. Whether it be wall to wall or an area rug, I am a huge promoter of wool. Many of my clients are unsure and leery of carpeting their homes with wool, and several questions arise as we shop for the perfect colour, pattern, texture and of course material. I thought I would give some insight as to why I love wool, along with some pros and cons to help demystify the uncertainties.

The first reason I love wool is that it’s natural. It is naturally soil and stain resistant, however it is still porous so tending to a spill right away is important. Scotchguard or similar products will penetrate rather than protect so it is best to leave it alone. Speaking from experience, when my oldest daughter was 18 months old she fell and hit her head on the side of our bed. Blood was all over our wool carpet. Of course needing to rush her to the hospital for stitches, I left the blood to sit for hours. I will admit that it took some time but the blood stain came up beautifully and you would never know there had been an accident.

Wool is a breathable fibre that does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites. Dirt and debris make a slower descent to the bottom of the actual carpet, thus giving you more time to clean them, via vacuuming, than nylon fibers. People with allergies often favor wool for this reason. Wool being a renewable resource is also environmentally friendly ~ another great reason these days to make this selection over synthetics.

Wools fibers are very durable and therefore do not show matting and frizzing as soon as a nylon carpet would. Wool is quick to regain its good looks after a cleaning and the time that it takes a wool carpet to discolour is slower. Because wool is a natural fiber, it takes the dyes so much better than a synthetic material. This is another reason that I love wool. The colour selection in a wool carpet is much more appealing than that of nylon. The saturation is deeper and richer, and in turn adds a quality factor to the overall look and appeal.

Now wools does not come without disadvantages. Wools will sometimes pill, releasing fibers over time that come loose from the carpet. Another word for it would be ‘shedding’. Regular vacuuming is essential and this will not go on forever. The other con to purchasing a wool carpet is cost. It is not the least expensive option for your floors. Wool is an investment, and one that you will love for a very long time. If you have it in the budget, I would highly recommend it. Above carpets from Godfrey Hirst.

There are also many companies that manufacture wool area carpets, from several different price points. I recently purchased a wool carpet for a client from West Elm and absolutely love it.

Another area rug company that I love is Angela Adams. At a mid price point she offers organic, nature inspired patterns that would bring a room to life. A portion of the line is also available at Home Depot.

Weaver’s Art out of Toronto is a higher end source for Wool and Wool/ Silk combination area carpets. Beautiful designs and handwoven craftsmanship will leave your floors feeling like they have a piece of fine art on them.

I hope you found this little tutorial on wool carpets helpful!


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  1. Nyla, best “truth” about wool carpet I have ever read. When I left design school I worked in carpets (manufacturing custom area rugs) and then retail sales. It was refreshing to see the good & the bad of wool written about so honestly!
    Keep up the good work! Sharon

  2. Thanks for your comment Sharon! That means a lot coming from someone ‘in the know’.

  3. Nyla,

    Great post. I found it really interesting and informative. I too really like to recommend wool for my clients, and the information you provided will help me to encourage them to make this choice.

    Thanks so much!

  4. Hi Nyla, I’m about to get a new carpet and I’m checking blogs and reviews which carpet is better, synthetic or wool. Thank you for sharing all the information about wool carpets. Honestly, this made my decision easier.


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