mini trend: sketched

It’s as simple as a pencil and a piece of paper. Preferably, black on white or white on black. A series of lines that move across a page and become something ~ something beautiful. The idea of a sketch can often be interpreted as preliminary, the beginning of a creative process, however these designers (and several others) have chosen to make the concept of a sketch their finished product. Never underestimate the power of a simple line, and what it can develop into when creativity has it’s way.

1. Love the lines of this sofa/ settee and the simple sketched tulip: Cyrilla Banquette ~ Pure by Ami McKay 2. The very classic Woods Wallpaper from Cole & Sons 3. Blossoms headboard by Holley & Gill adds such a simple yet impressive statement to an upholstered headboard 4. Fabric by Addison House Design 5. Pencils Storage Bag by Jenna Rose 6. To me, this art offers such emotion through the movement of it’s line Daniel Schneider ~ Chandelier Series, 2001. ink on vellum 7. I have owned and loved bedding from Dwell Studio for years. Sketch (pictured) was my latest purchase for our guest room. 8. I love the bold quality of this rug, like artwork for your floor. ‘Swirl’ by Izzy Camilleri for Source UK Fashion Series.


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