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I’m really hoping for some help here. I know there are worse problems, however this one seems to be taking over a few areas of my home. They are arriving faster then I can even go through them. I long for some time to sit down with a cup of coffee and browse slowly and carefully, absorbing every detail, but instead I turn the pages quickly vowing I will be back to spend more time with them. I’m talking about magazines. I’m positive you have them too. Ranging everywhere from design and architecture, lifestyle, fashion, and catalogues of all kinds, they are in the living room, beside the tub, on my night stand and in my office.

So my question is… how do you manage your magazines? Do you hang on to them, keeping them all in a special place, all organized, alphabetized by magazine and in chronological order? Do you go through them, dog ear pages you like or tear out pages and file them accordingly? Do you make specific time to read them or are you like me, with an endless pursuit of finding the time. In most cases it’s part of my work, yet why do I feel like it’s a guilty pleasure to sit down and enjoy the glossy pages of my magazines?

Would love to know how you stay on top of them and fend off the magazine clutter!


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  1. my business partner had a little freak out when she first saw me do this, but after years of collecting I had do make a drastic change, so I go thru my magazines and tear out the sheets I want to save (I even make notes on the pages to remind myself why I tore it out….yikes!!) Then I have those Ikea flat boxes (there like an inch deep w/lid) each labeled according to the interest of the picture ie: bedrooms, living rooms, inspirations, wall ideas….blah blah blah. I cannot tell you how often I have used these over the years that I have been doing this…so much more valuable & time saving…I use these pics as my story board a lot … it’s just painful to take that first step…

  2. nyla, i can totally relate to this post!! while i have cut back a *lot* on my subscriptions [i now only get style at home + cdn h&h] i still succumb to picking up a few extras along the way when I’m grocery shopping ;)
    I cannot get rid of them! i have huge boxes down in the basement full of mags. i keep saying someday i will go through them + tear out what i like, and file it properly. chances are i’d see more of those pics that inspire me if i did that, cause i can tell you right now i never go through those boxes!

    as for current issues, i keep about a year’s worth out and about. i have the same problem, i just don’t have the time to luxuriate over them, and end up flipping so quickly that i can’t even remember whether i’ve read that issue or not until a certain picture will stand out.
    i don’t know whether this ramble will help you or not, other than to let you know you’re not along! i am going to try to set aside an hour a week to read those mags. sunday night? sounds divine.

  3. Nyla,
    I have to say that until recently I was in the same boat as you. And that like Sharon, I had done the tearing and boxing for years. Now I am in the process of taking those sheets and scanning them in to keep them as digital images. Putting them into Evernote makes them searchable and easy to flip through, and they can sit there alongside the inspiration I find online. I couldn’t handle the piles any longer!

  4. Hey Nyla,
    As a magazine junkie and former magazine editor and publisher, I have had to deal with the same issues. Number one, never feel guilty about reading a magazine! You can lose yourself for a few minutes inside the pages and that’s not something that’s easy to do these days. So be glad that you enjoy something so much, especially something that informs you at the same time. Number two, you have to set your magazines free once you have read them (and I mean read them at least a few times). I have a big basket for magazines and every few months, I gather them up, give them to neighbours or friends, and even took a big stack down to the homeless shelter recently. After all, what could inspire or at least pass the time better than a magazine? I do have a binder with plastic sleeves that I save pages with recipes in that I’m absolutely sure I will make. And I have a folder of pages with room decor or design photos that I may use in the future in my own house. Number three, recycle those magazines if you can’t pass them on. And don’t ever apologize for your magazine addiction!

  5. Whew.. this is tough for me as well. I adore the days when the lastest issues hit my mailbox! I have tried to do the tear sheets and filing… but that did not work out so well. It seemed to take so much time, and felt destructive… I think I like my glossy pages intact!

    So now I have reduced my subscriptions to 4 of my all time faves, and will only pick up others along the way if I see something that I must have. Then generally over Christmas holidays I take a day or so and sit in a mess of my magazines and do the ‘big toss’ (recycling of course). I generally keep the most recent 2 years on my IKEA book shelf in my studio. Its not perfect, but I can usually go back and find a photo or article that I need. What would be great is to label the images as I read them so the rummage would be a bit more smooth, but that may only occur when I find that ‘extra time’. Ha!

    Recently, I have also found my inner ‘ignore the mess” button. Works on my girls’ bedrooms too!

    Good luck. If you perfect a method… you must share!

  6. Instead of tear sheets, scan the pages you like and then take old magazines to the library or doctor’s offices, hospital waiting rooms. They always appreciate the donations. Only keep the ones you just can’t let go. After 2 years they have to go.


  7. This a a good question I think most woman want answered whether it’s interior mags, or any others.

    I adore Leanne’s response in regards to reducing her subscriptions to her most favorite. I’ve done the same and it’s made a huge difference as far as clutter is concerned.

    Older issues that hang around I would simply recycle or like Wendy said, give them away.

    Hope you manage to get yourself sorted out, but make sure you keep that S@H June 2010 ;)

  8. Nyla, I don’t have much more to add to the comments above, but I often wonder what to do with those magazines. I recently added one from Sweden, and when I get it monthly it is like a little present arriving. But like you, I have a hard time finding the time to read. The best time to read for me is when we drive somewhere further than 15 min, I grab a magazine or two (I am not the driver). I am fortunate I can read in the car. The other day I decided that 2008 mags had to go… with sadness I recycled them. I am not sure about giving them to someone as they have so many pages missing. I tear out what I like and have them in sections in a binder. Sections like Art, Kitchens, Bedrooms etc. I take this binder with me when I see clients, to illustrate my thoughts. But I am wondering now if I should start a filing just for myself, in boxes….thanks for posting this question.


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