published: western living may 2010

I’ve spent years admiring magazines and the designers whose work appears on those glossy pages. Magazines are a major source of inspiration for both myself and my clients. I love seeing all the impressive talent out there in all styles and from so many cities and countries. Working on the interior of a home designed by Jeremy Sturgess was incredible, so when I heard that it was going to be featured in Western Living magazine, you can only imagine my excitement. Thrilled to say the least!

I was able to be involved in the photo shoot which was an amazing experience in and of itself. I appreciate magazines so much more now, seeing first hand all the time and effort that goes into capturing that perfect shot. The photographer, Martin Tessler was exceptional. Stylist Edward Tsang was so energetic and respectful of the design of the home. The day was long, however I enjoyed every minute.

Through renovations, re-decorations and a cottage in Ontario, I have had the pleasure of working with this particular client for over 10 years. We have a great relationship and I love working with them. They are open, trusting and have been extremely supportive of my growing business.

I also just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you.

Thank you to all those who have cheered for me, congratulated me and been an incredible amount of support. I so appreciate all of the enthusiasm surrounding my first big feature!

Here is the article as it appears in the May 2010 issue of Western Living ~ I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Nyla, this is your moment to shine and with reason. This home is unlike anything I’ve ever seen and have fallen for it in a big way.

    Your talent, precision and creativity shines through every aspect of this design. Every colour, every piece of furniture, every wall has a story and personality that remains consistent throughout and with such sophistication. I simply adore it.

    I cannot tell you how happy I am for you, this is one for the history books. {standing ovation} xx

  2. Nice work! Congratulations!

  3. Nyla,
    Great eye! You will be swamped with work from this press!

  4. Nyla, your eye for detail and whimsy is fantastic. I expecially like like artwork in the master bedroom of the beautiful black dress, along with the small details of the slouched bag at the bottom of the bed. The large mirror so you can see the wonderful fabric on the back of the chair. It is those details that make it special. Congratulations on your success. Well done!

  5. Nyla, this is spectacular! You’ve created a truly inspiring home for what sound like lovely clients. Thanks for becoming one of ‘those designers’ for the rest of us!

  6. Nyla, wow! This home is stunning. Love the fireplace separating the dining & living and I especially love the whimsy at the dining room with that single Smoke chair! You have an amazing eye, flair for design and I love the whimsical touches you add. Kudos!

  7. Congratulations Nyla!. This home is amazing! Modern, yet so warm. Can’t wait to pick up my copy of Western Living.

  8. Nyla,
    Congratulations! Your work it breath taking.
    I’m so happy for you!

  9. Nyla,
    I do believe that’s as good as it gets – What a beauty! Enormous congratulations!!!


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