dwell on design: hidden house

Today the first of four (out of the six) houses I visited last year while attending the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles:

Winding through the hills in a cab on my way to this home left me feeling a little nauseous, however it was well worth it when we finally arrived. Nestled in a very private setting with a stunning view, this bungalow was renovated around the previous house, creating a house tucked inside another house. Rather than tear down the existing home, the architects at Standard built the new home around it and incorporated it into the new design. The additions wrap around the old building and create two courtyards. An inner courtyard connects the main living spaces and the second courtyard offers an incredible view of Los Angeles, while still feeling like your miles away from the city.

Some of the building features include: cork flooring, redwood cladding, sustainable cotton insulation, native landscaping and vegetables.

The living area with classic, mid century pieces and interesting art, both on the wall and hanging from the ceiling in front of the fireplace.
A pivoting door which extends the interior to the second courtyard and a close up of the beautiful floor.
The view.
Another art piece hanging above the kitchen island and a sitting area with fabulous sofa, area rug and footstools.
This bungalow is a very open concept design with windows all around to enjoy the view. It looks like the perfect entertaining home. Couldn’t you just imaging hanging out with all your guests around this lovely island?

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  1. My two favourites from this home tour? The view and THAT sofa! Love it.

  2. What is that flooring? Love it.

    Yours truly,
    Currently Flooring Obsessed.


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