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With the launch of ‘The Nate Berkus Show”, produced by Harpo and premiering on NBC, September 13th, 2010 we are celebrating ‘Nate Day’ where design & decor bloggers are giving their thoughts on Nate, today ~ June 14th, 2010.

I am excited that the show will be about more than design, because essentially, so is Nate.

Not bad looking :)

Let’s just cut to the chase and make it clear right off the hop. We all know that many women would say that Nate Berkus is easy on the eyes, has a killer smile and oooooh that hair! Enough said.


For as long as I can remember, I have always thought of Nate Berkus as someone who is easy to talk to, someone who listens and also cares, exactly what an interior designer should be. The fact that we are entrusted with our clients personal spaces is something that should be respected and taken as a privilege. Anytime that I have seen Nate in action he does just that. He is sensitive to the needs and wants of those he works with, yet at the same time offering them an inspiring space.


Nate is an extraordinary interior designer, TV personality, designer of his own line of home wares, author of Home Rules and Sirius Satellite radio host. All this, and he is self-taught! A testament to hard work, learning on the job and having some key people in his life to support and encourage along the way.


With a smile on his face, Nate approaches each project willingly and ready to make a difference to someone’s home. He embraces each project, no matter the budget and sets forth to change their space in a way that will change their life. Nate gets fully involved in a project getting very hands on in every sort of way, even taking care of kids so Mom can relax while her home is being made over. Quite a guy!

Nate Berkus creates a modern, efficient kitchen in his own home.

I love Nate’s personal home! The mix of textures, statement pieces of furniture and simple accessories creates a warm home with personality and interest.

Nate Berkus’s redecorated living area.


Nate designs beautiful rooms that are tailored to each and every client. I wouldn’t say that he has a distinct style and I appreciate him more because of that. He reaches into the clients lifestyle and creates a space that reflects their personality. He is respectful of budget and proves that you can have a successful space with a moderate amount of money.


Nate encourages learning and finding things that inspire us to be better people. Approaching life with a sense of discovery and pushing yourself to try new things, gives us an enriched life because of it and he challenges us to “love the life we live”.


He is a people person. Viewers trust Nate to bring positive change to their lives and because Nate shares his own personal experiences in an honest way, people feel a connection to him through everything he has shared and gone through.

Kind and Generous.

Not only an interior designer, Nate is a humanitarian. Willing to give of his time and finances to help, support and encourage efforts not even related to design, he shows his true compassion for people, animals and social issues around the globe.


He has a unique approach to his designs that allows him to be accessible. Not many celebrity interior designers can say the same thing. He makes it possible for people to have a beautiful home regardless of budget.


Nate Berkus is definitely stylish. Not only in his interiors, the way he dresses, but also in his personality. He has a love for life, a desire to help people and a passion for great design.

He is an inspiration in so many ways, to so many people!

Nate, here with Oprah in New Orleans helping families after Hurricane Katrina. Angel Lane neighborhood portrait.

The Cloud family's living room The living space of one of the homes made over on Angel Lane.

As an interior designer, it is natural to take inspirations from others. Thank you for sharing your talent with us and for inspiring us on so many levels. Congratulations Nate on your new show! I’m really looking forward to watching it and maybe, just maybe being in the audience one day ~ would be such a thrill!

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* Thanks to the infamous Moggit Girls who have also inspired us, and by way of Twitter pulled this day together. Their efforts have snowballed into an amazing group of over 100 Design & Decor bloggers participating in this ‘Nate Day’ blog affair. There are so many talented bloggers! You can see the others here.


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  1. This is the best Nate Berkus day post I have read. Nice take on it, Nyla. P.S. That small black and blue gloss kitchen? I die! Love it! Will

    • @Wil

      Wow Will ~ thank you so much. Coming from a fellow blogger and stylish bloke I am very flattered. And yes, let’s die together over that kitchen!!

  2. Love your post Nyla and love your take on it. Hope to see you there on the big Nate Day, crossing my fingers and toes! ;)

  3. See, I told you it would be fantastic! Thanks for sharing your take on Nate… he is inspiring! Fingers crossed we see you in the audience!


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