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My husband brought home this bottle of Evian water the other day and I was reminded of two things: one, that design is indeed everywhere and two, how much I love the designs of Paul Smith. His iconic colourful swirl pattern is classic and as you can see works effortlessly on a glass bottle as well as an area carpet.

Begrudgingly, Paul started work at a clothing warehouse in London England, however he had ambitions of being a racing cyclist. A terrible accident ended that dream and his career in fashion was born. Night classes to learn tailoring and introductions to some key people in the industry gave him his start. Now he is an international label known not only for his fashion collections but also interiors, collaborating with such companies as Cappellini, Maharam and The Rug Company.

I would love to have a piece of his Swirl pattern somewhere in my home. For now, I will happily display my bottles of water.



Swirl pattern area carpet for The Rug Company.

No 9

Paul Smith’s store, No. 9, Albermarle Street opened in the fall of 2005. “The aim was to create a shop that would showcase a varied selection of original and unique antiques, objects, art and curiosities sourced from around the world.”

“I have been a collector of ‘things’ for years and am very excited to have finally found a shop for these wonderful, individual pieces. The shop will be an odd mix, but that will make it utterly exciting all the time” Paul Smith

“The shop has a constantly changing and unexpected combination of treasures. While some are original pieces others are given a new lease of life with a Paul Smith twist. All items share the fact that they are unique.”



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  1. I think he is a true inspiration. As a designer, I have always admired cross-branding yourself in various areas like he has. The sky is the limit in that you can design any type of item and still have your “stamp” on it where the consumer will always recognize your products.

    So many companies now are sharing the limelight in promoting well-known artists and designers as well as new up and coming ones, it’s a fabulous new trend I hope continues for a very long time.

  2. Nyla, it’s so funny you should post this bottle of Paul Smith Evian, as I saw it in Selfridges on Oxford Street in London a few months back and thought it was so fun! Paul Smith is great…adore his use of colour and stripes…my two faves! Will

  3. I’ve always loved the swirl pattern from PS. The chair in the last pic is heavenly!


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