future classics: adler

We are all familiar with what we refer to today as classics. Eames, Mies, Noguchi, are a few names that come to mind when we design and decorate the homes we work on, whether it be for ourselves or clients. These will always and forever be loved and sought after pieces in the world of design.

They won’t however be the only ones. Today, there are many brilliant designers creating and inspiring us the world over. I started thinking about those that would leave their mark. The ones that would be sought after and coveted in years to come. Those that people would rummage flea markets and estate sales for, all for the potential of owning a fabulous piece.

So with this, I decided to start a series titled: future classics, where I would speak of those who are driving forces in the world of product and furniture design.

First up: Jonathan Adler

The first time I was introduced to Jonathan Adler was many years ago in New York City. Wandering the streets of Soho I happened upon his storefront. I was amazed. The details, the textures, the quirky cool factor and the colours all combined into one happy place.

Jonathan designs everything from vases to pillows, lighting to interiors. His sense of style is witty and and can also be comical, yet at the same time classic. His pieces work in traditional homes as easily as they do in modern, a sign of a great designer! You can have one piece on its own or several as a collection. That’s the beauty of Jonathan’s work, it works together harmoniously or can make a single, stand out statement. Combining rich textures, beautiful shapes and an interesting mix of colours, these are truly pieces of art.

Jonathan is a potter, interior designer, author and is regularly sought after for news and information programs. With all this he remains true to his motto, “If your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it”.   I love that!

Clockwise from top left: pattern from the Versailles Collection, a series of vases from the Relief Collection, Utopia Stillwalkers Vase, living room with Jonathan Adler Nelson Table Lamp.

Palm Beach Living Room. Source: Elle Decor

Living Room designed by Jonathan Adler. Source: Simplified Bee

A single platinum tamarind vase holds a dramatic branch in this salon style living room. Source: Elle Decor

Menagerie pieces in the background with ‘Peter’ pillows in front. Source: Colour Me Happy

Now, these are my thoughts of course. I in no way am predicting any future profits or riches by owning any of the mentioned designers pieces. I would however suggest you run out and purchase at least one item of your choice. You will love it forever and more than likely your grandchildren will too.


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  1. Well, Nyla, you’ve kicked off this excellent new series with one of my all time favourites! As you wrote about his pieces being able to work on their own as statements or in harmony as part of a vignette, I was going – YES, so true! There is a feeling of excitement about what designs and products he will curate next and that, to me, is the sign of a great designer.

    Looking forward to the next post in the series!

  2. I think what attracted me to him and his work was indeed the fact that he is also a potter and makes a lot his designs himself in his studio. A well rounded designer brimming with so much talent!

    I definitely agree with Will, what a great series resulting in a drool worthy post.

  3. Great idea Nyla, and a fab first pick. I love Adler, and that collection of vases would look great on my mantle. I better start collecting!

  4. What a fab idea for a blog series Nyla. Jonathan will definitely be a name of the future. I am in awe of his creativity. I am so excited to see the next one, and the next one and so on! You’re a smart cookie :)

  5. Nyla,
    Love Jonathan Adler!! Great idea for a blog series…I look forward to reading “future” blogs!! Have a great thanksgiving!!!
    Christine / @GlamaMama

  6. Two years ago I stayed at the Parker in Palm Springs, a very cool hotel with the interiors done by Adler. I love his fun style and have started collecting already: salt and pepper fish, dachshund, giraffe lamp, small vase…. it’s a good thing we don’t have an Adler store here …. it’s addicting. Let’s hope his brand is never “sold out” to the big stores where brands get destroyed (Zellers, Walmart etc.)

  7. Oh Nyla, I love the Utopia Stillwalkers Vase – so whimsical! It’s on the “list” , you know the one..x


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