vancouver visit fall 2010: the people

My recent trip to Vancouver for IDSwest went beyond what I could have imagined. Thinking I would be attending only the show and most likely alone, I was pleased to find out that there were many Calgary designers planning to attend. With so many coming, Layers and Layers decided to plan a Designer Day field trip where we were driven around town to fabulous design stores. Finally a tweet-up at Chambar Restaurant where we met many more new friends. Here is a photo gallery of the people and events that made this weekend so incredible.

It all started here. Sarah, LeAnne, Siobhan and myself all traveled together to Vancouver. Our flight was delayed so here we sat for a quick bite to eat. Let the laughter begin…….

Listening attentively about the concept of Homewerx.

Left: LeAnne models for the new 18Karat catalogue. Right: Me, Lesley and LeAnne try out the leather dining chairs at 18 Karat.

Lunch time at Cardero’s. Here’s the whole Designer Day gang! Front row left to right: Sarah, Lesley, Wendy, Jacqueline, Yvonne, Siobhan, Me. Back row left to right: Andrea, LeAnne, Michelle, Sonja

From closest head of the table to the right ~ Yvonne, Siobhan, LeAnne, Michelle, Sonja, Sarah

Cardero’s: From far head of the table to the right ~ Sarah, Jacqueline, Me, Lesley, Andrea

It’s hard being a designer some days. Champagne while we shopped at Provide. *Cheers*

Jacqueline and Sarah. Do you think they’re tweeting?

Lucky LeAnne! She got her picture taken with Martha Sturdy during IDSwest.

Dinner at Chambar: From left to right ~ Yvonne’s charming husband Peter, Yvonne and Jennifer.

Dinner at Chambar: Darrell along with his Dad!

Sarah, Me, Leanne and Siobhan. We all stayed together and had such a great time. We laughed a lot, and many memories were made between the four of us. Here we are at the Loden Hotel, which seemed to be our evening hangout ;)

At the end of the weekend my sides, chest and throat hurt from laughing so hard. The trip went beyond a business trip. Friendships were made and relationships were built. I was blown away by the connections and chemistry that came together between so many people. Whether we shared the same career or not, a bond was formed.

Thank you to everyone! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and spending time with each and every one of you.

Until next time….


Note: missing from our photo gallery was Jason and Wendy and Jennifer’s husband who joined us for dinner at Chambar. Sorry we missed capturing you on film!

And to the lovely Sharon ~ I know you chose Palm Springs over us for good reason, but you must know that you were truly missed! xo


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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip, Nyla, it looks as though you all had a blast and that pub you were all in looks super cosy!

  2. Oh Nyla, thank you for sharing all these lovely photos of you all, you all look so great!

    PS Sarah and Tommy I heard were staying at the Loden too! ;)

  3. Delightful! Thanks so much for sharing. Almost felt like I was there:)

  4. Great post Nyla! I was sorry I had to miss it and it looks like you all had so much fun! NEXT one :)

  5. It was so nice meeting everyone in person! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

  6. Great post Nyla, Thx for using some of my pic’s. Loved meeting all you gals from Calgary hope to do it again some day.
    Saw Tommy at breakfast on Saturday at the Loden, but didn’t see Sarah. If she was there then she probably had room service. Big hats off to Layers and Layers for all they did for Design Day, and also you Nyla for keeping posted and organized.

  7. Looks like a great time was had by all. I’m hoping to attend next year.

  8. Great Post Nyla….so much fun! It was such a great experience…we will definitely do it again!


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