mini trend: matte black

My husband was actually the one who got me thinking about this trend or *potential* trend. He has been gawking over an Audi TT which he informed me was matte black in colour. Then he went on the hunt for black rimmed eye glasses in a matte finish. He didn’t have any luck, however what he did find was a pair of sunglasses that he then popped the lenses and replaced with his prescription lenses for everyday wear. I started to wonder if he was on to something….

A while ago I blogged about my obsession with black patent, which by the way I am still in love with. I am purely investigating the possibility of another black finish taking the stage and in more of a masculine way.

1. Absolute black honed granite has a smooth, non-reflective surface. It has a softer, warmer appearance and I recently installed it in a cottage that I worked on. 2. I love this Capiza Pendant in Matte Black available at CSN Lighting 3. How gorgeous is this Elizabeth and James matte black onyx ring? Available at Bloomingdales. 4. Moooi Smoke Chair in burnt wood finished with epoxy resin, colour black. 5. Almoco matte black flatware from Design Within Reach. Gorgeous! 6. Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses 2140 matte black ~ the ones my husband bought and turned into eye glasses by changing the lenses. They look really cool :) 7. One of my favorite furniture lines, Oly’s Priscilla, a pretty little side table in a matte black cast resin. I recently purchased this for a client and it’s beautiful! 8. Kohler Torq deck mount bridge kitchen faucet in matte black. 9. Kitchen Aid Artisan Series in imperial black. Would look great sitting on a kitchen counter. 10. The Audi TT in matte black that hubs is coveting. Swoon!

I thought this image did a great job of depicting matte black in a space with the lamp shades, fireplace surround, artwork and even the sofa offering a rich darkness to the space. It’s a room that feels warm and inviting. The black is not harsh by any means, but rather gives a smokey elegance to the space. I think I like it!


So tell me, what do you think about matte black?

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