colour story: raspberry I star fruit I cinnamon I coffee

It’s easy for me to get excited about colour schemes and this image has me dreaming of far off places. The textures alone are enough to get my heart beating faster, not to mention the architecture. Oh, and then there’s this outfit. I love the patterned strapless top with the raspberry skirt, joined together by a lovely belt. It feels cheery, moody and somewhat mysterious. Starfruit came to mind when I saw the petals or leaves on the ground, the perfect combination of yellow and green. Cinnamon with it’s wooden hues and coffee to add the dark flavour. I am loving it!

Ok I think I’m dying over this sofa. All I need is the strapless top from the top image and I could hide away in it for an hour or two, no?

Images: Anthropologie, unknown (if you might know where this image comes from I would be so grateful if you could let me know. I closed the window where it was located and have never been able to find it again!), Raspberries, Star Fruit, Cinnamon, Coffee, Sofa.


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  1. Nyla, Oh how I wish we had more time to chat while you were in TO :(

    FYI: the last photo is from Domino

  2. this dress is so pretty…can’t wait for warmer temps.

  3. I love this color combination. Tres chic!


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