a day in the life: career day

One of the best parts of working for myself is having flexibility in my day so when my 4yo asked if I could come and talk to her class for career day, I said absolutely!

There were a few stipulations. I needed to bring a craft and I must “dress up in what I wanted to be when I grew up”, so said my 4yo old. The craft I could handle, and I was already doing what I wanted to do when I grow up, so off I went…dressed as a designer of course.

I had so much fun I thought I’d share some photos with you.

I prepared a craft for the kids to decorate a living room and dress a window. All my supplies are ready to go. A window, floor plan and all the cutouts to make the room pretty.

They were all so cute and the craft was a hit. Didn’t they do a great job?! Interior Designers in the making :)

Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. Wow… I want to play too! What a fun and creative way to illustrate what we do… well done Nyla!

  2. Love it! They must have loved it too.

  3. Oh Nyla….Ya, I agree with LeAnne, can I play. What a totally awesome idea…and the colours are fabulous! WIN:)

  4. What a fantastic idea! I bet your daughter was very proud!

  5. Mya must have been just bursting to have her Mom there and what a craft! You have amazing ideas Nyla – I would guess you had fun too!

  6. I am totally copying this idea if my son ever has a career day (I hope he invites me!) Way to go!! I’ll bet that they all want to be interior designers now!

  7. nyla! this is absolutely awesome.
    i am totally going to do that for my son, he would love it. the kids in your 4yo’s class must have had so much fun. i’d hate to be the next parent in line to speak after that!!


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