Design Bloggers Conference 2011

I have to admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up. It all looked great on paper with familiar and inspiring people in design on the list of speakers. Intrigued, and let’s face it, I could use a break from this Canadian winter so off I went to the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles.

Let me start off by saying a huge congratulations to Adam Japko of Design Sherpa, the organizer of this conference that far exceeded my expectations. Adam started the event off with a celebration, champagne included, that made us all realize we were going to be a part of something truly special. Thank you Adam! This first ever Design Bloggers Conference was such a success that it sold out. And so it should have.

With such an amazing panel of speakers there was a lot to take in. Don’t worry…I’ll summarize the 17 pages of notes I took. Here are a few key phrases and quotes I took away from these two incredible days that I hope will benefit you as well.

If you’re a designer and a blogger looking to learn more about how this phenomenon can really change your business I highly suggest you put this on your list of must attend events for next year. Inspirational and educational on so many levels.

Thank you to all the speakers, organizers, sponsors, volunteers and the many others that helped to put this event together. Thanks also to all the attendees. What an incredibly supportive community! It was truly an honor to meet so many of you. I’m already looking forward to next year. Who’s with me?

Image credits: Jan Showers L/R, Tracy Porter L/R, Tobi Fairley L/R, Ronda Carman, Barclay Butera L/R


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  1. Elegant presentation of inspiring quotes…teleports me back to the bloggers conference!

  2. Thank You for the synopsis of your enlightening time in Los Angeles. Would love to attend Design Bloggers Conference 2012.

  3. ahh… next year for sure…

    Love the artistic fonts and frames for the quotes… another fab Nyla touch!

  4. lovely recap of a great conference. I enjoyed the snippets of the highlights from your point of view and remember each on myself. Thanks

  5. Yes, we are definitely in. Thanks to glowing reports by you and Jacqueline. Looking forward to it too. Plus I’ll be there to keep an eye on your pocket book for you … LOL

  6. So in for next year!! Is it always held in the same location?

  7. great summary, and love the artsy quotes!

  8. I love how you presented these quotes. What a fabulous way to remember this incredible conference. Great job! You’ve got me motivated all over again!!


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