‘free’ design notes: 3.7.11

If you’re new to my blog, I’d like to introduce you to Free Design Notes. It’s a post that will let you see inside my design brain and how I look at images. Designers are notorious for jotting down notes on tear sheets that they like in an effort to keep and use for inspiration later on. I decided to share my favorites with you each Monday, so I hope you’ll stop by each week to see inspiring images and visions of Nyla Free Designs. Feel ‘free’ to offer any other thoughts that you might have about the image. We all have different eyes so share away!

To elaborate further, I love how this image mixes old and new, traditional and modern ~ which is a concept I love to incorporate into my designs.

Image source: Living Etc.


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  1. LOVE the mismatched furniture. the drop down moulding from the ceiling to create the deep border. Loving the big opening between kitchen & D/R … this is such a great pic!!! I don’t like the cowhide, i think it’s too small, but it certainly added colour, charm for the shoot.

  2. I think the light fixtures just pop against the more traditional wallpaper and ornate crown mouldings!

  3. Nyla great picture! This is definitely where my passion “lives”! Mix of old and new. I could really see some of my pieces working in this photo!


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