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I was recently introduced to Kate Schutz‘ art when I purchased a piece for a Calgary client’s bathroom after their renovation was complete. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person at an event at Domaine and was thrilled to learn more about her artwork. Naturally I wanted to introduce you as well! I love Kate’s passionate description of her art and where she finds her inspiration so please take a moment to say hello.

“My work is about memory. I am fascinated by the bittersweet aspect of nostalgia that is neither entirely happy nor sad, but is a universal experience that humanizes us. The past is a deeply personal and resonant place for people and I am always looking at ways to capture these feelings on canvas; immortalize them and make them big. My paintings are usually larger than life size which makes the subject hard to pull away from. There is both a sense of comfort and awkwardness in my work. I find it easier to represent the universality of these nostalgic subjects if I remain detached a little bit, so I often work from memories that are not my own. My source images come from snapshots from other people’s photo albums and most recently from strangers via requests on the Internet. I am especially drawn to photos that are blurry, disintegrating or over-exposed because visually they look so much like our foggy, fading memories. Recent series have included Birthday Parties, Cities at Night and now a call for submissions for Summer Vacation images. And sometimes, when I need a break from other people’s memories, I go into the woods and paint trees, just to remind myself about the joy of this everyday life!”

Do you have a childhood summertime memory captured in a photo? One that perhaps epitomizes a time where you were free as a bird and thought time could stand still? Kate has a call out for Summer Vacation photos with a contest to boot. Take a moment to dig through the archives or your old summer memories and send it off to Kate. The winner will receive a collection of all the images in postcard form. How lovely to have one of those arrive in your mailbox?

Here is the one I’m going to submit. It’s a photo of my husband and his sister at the beach, circa 1978. Aren’t they cute? One definitely looks happier than the other LOL!

So what are you waiting for? If you don’t submit, I of course have a better chance of winning but I think it would be great to support Kate and help spread the word, don’t you?

Pop on over to Kate’s blog to see what the submission guidelines are and good luck!

You can find more of Kate’s work at Domaine Fine Furnishings in Calgary and also at her Etsy shop.



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  1. Thanks for your support, Nyla! I LOVE your photo!

  2. Oh and this is the link to more info on the contest! Hope your readers will enter!

  3. Oh Kate! she is universally adored! what a great contest. Thanks Nyla!

  4. Oh how I wish I had memories such as the ones above. I vaguely remember a trip to the beach such as the one pictured above. My sister ate the last twinkie, kicked sand in my face whilst smashing my beloved castle !! We were than asked to stand together acting as if we loved eachother while our mother screamed SMILE!!

  5. love Kate’s work…the ferris wheel is my fav! I think I might submit a photo…what a great contest.

  6. What a great contest – I will pass this on! And that photo of your hubs and his sis is adorable Nyla. :)


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