free design notes 4.4.11

I used to dream of one day living in a New York City loft. At this point I doubt that will ever happen so I will live vicariously through lovely images I find like this one.

Could you live in a space like this? It’s certainly not for everyone but I’m pretty sure I could handle it for a little while….

Image source: Desire 2 Inspire



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  1. Lovely room to look at! I really just want to show you I figured out “reply”. ;)

  2. It is lovely Nyla, but I agree I could only handle it for a short period of time…but hey, I’m willing to give it a shot:)

  3. Why dream. Set goals and make it a reality. You are very talented. You should have a home in NYC and somewhere hot. I’m sure a sports car is in your husbands future?


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