project: bathroom reno sneak peak

The beginning of a renovation is always so exciting. I’m thrilled to be embarking on a new project with a client I’ve been working with for years. This time around is a bathroom overhaul. The walls are down and the renovation has begun. A well used, but tired space is getting a face lift. Actually it’s more like reconstructive surgery because it will hardly be recognizable once we’re done. Like a warm cup of coffee or a creamy, caramel ice cream cone this space is going to be soothing and filled with depth and texture…not to mention this fabulous bathtub.

Next up is finalizing the design of the cabinetry. Stay tuned my friends and thanks for stopping by!

Image credits: coffee, ice cream, Victoria and Albert Monaco bathtub


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  1. ooohhhh so many things to love here! Love the new website…very clean and crisp, love your “sneak peak” posts, love that tile & love the tub…can’t wait to see the reveal.

  2. Hi Nyla!

    Love the clean look of the new site. The find me is great, especially since those curious folks will be checking you out wherever they can. The more exposure the better! Could I suggest a bit of color to the blog. Something to compliment the dabble turquoise. see you soon!


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