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A while back I blogged about embarking on the design of our bedroom. It was high time we had a grown up space to call our own. No more books and lamps on the floor, no more bedding that will ‘do for now’, and for Pete’s sake my windows were desperate for some attention.

So where did I begin? Well first I gave myself a deadline. This deadline was a little more serious than others as I decided to include it in one of my Reality Check columns for Dabble Mag. Better get a move on!

I originally started with images that I thought closely resembled what I wanted the room to look and feel like. This is a very important process that I encourage clients to do. If you’d like to see the images I chose you can pop over to my ‘new bedroom‘ post.

The wallpaper was the jumping off point. I have to admit I did start this process full steam ahead a few years ago and then stalled out completely. Shuffling beds around the house meant we needed a new one and we decided on king size. A king bed resulted in the need for all new bedding, and this is where I came to a full stop.

After giving myself a deadline it seemed as though the decisions came easy after that, although my husband may beg to differ. I would say that my creative juices started flowing after the purchase of my vintage spaghetti, spun fiberglass swag lamps from Wonders on Wonderland antique shop in Nashville TN. They are the jewels of the room.

Drapery and bedside tables were high on the priority list. I wanted to fill the wall so I opted for tables that were larger than most. With hanging lamps this afforded me the full surface of the tables for functional display. Our wall of windows is over 12′ long so drapery is a key element in the room. To create impact with subtlety I chose a muted mauve textured fabric in a floor to ceiling ripple fold treatment.

Lastly, yet arguably most important was the bedding. With the floral wallpaper as my focal point I chose simple bedding in a dark, charcoal cotton sateen. Patterned sheets were a must for me and I accented with a rich plum velvet in the euro shams and patterned accent cushion.

We have a large bedroom and ample room was left at the foot of the bed begging for more furniture. I originally thought of a sofa, however after spotting these corner chairs I knew they were perfect. I adore the stitched paisley fabric and how well they mix with the other patterns and textures.

If you’ve read the current issue of Dabble Mag this may be familiar to you already…..

What’s a photo shoot without a little drama? Electricians were installing the light fixtures about a 1/2 hour before the photo shoot began. I’m sure you didn’t stop by to see images of men at work and an installation in progress now did you?

So here you go…the reveal of my bedroom. Finally, a grown up space!

Our bedroom is very different than what I originally set out to achieve, but I’m so pleased with the end result. Who knew I would ever own swag lamps?? With a sophisticated, relaxed elegance, this is just the right mix of colour, pattern and texture for our bedroom. We’ve since added a piece of art on the right hand wall and we are still on the lookout for a dresser/storage unit.

To learn more about choosing bedding, please head on over to the May/June issue of Dabble Mag and flip to page 65. You can also watch the bedding video on the Dabble website.


Wallpaper: Designers Guild, Bed: Crate and Barrel, Bedside Tables: Elte, Bedding: Cushy Life, Chairs: Domaine, Drapery: through Nyla Free Designs, Area Carpet: through Nyla Free Designs, Throw: Pottery Barn, Her shoes: Cole Haan, His shoes: Nike, Man Bag: Vintage :)

Photography by the talented Lori Andrews.


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