free design notes: 6.27.11

When I look at this kitchen, my first thought is “when can I move in?”. There’s really nothing I don’t love and oh how I wish I could flip the page of this Metropolitan Home image and see the rest of the house. *sigh*

What do you think? Are you bored with white cabinetry? Do you mind open shelves? Would love to know your thoughts!

Image: Elle Decor

Happy Monday!



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  1. White is always alright! It’s timeless. I’ve lived in a house from the early 1900’s, with the original painted white wood kitchen, and now live in a early 80’s house with a new white kitchen. Loved them both!

    • @Rosa @ Flutter Flutter

      Love it also. The mirror is a nice surprise and the surfaces are a nice mix. The only problem I see is that the stove is stuffed into a corner. I am not the cook in my family, but I know that my husband can only be part of the conversation when the stove is in the island. Nobody likes being stuck in a corner!

      • @jane

        That is a really great point about the stove Jane! My cooking skills have gone completely slack so not surprised I didn’t even pick up on that :)

  2. I love white kitchens…classics always! Not a fan of the mirror being positioned over the sink area! But, that being said, I would try it. And I think it depends on how much room is on either side of the stove…I kind of like having it out of the way, but I don’t want to be cramped either! And open shelving is great, as long as their is ample storage for everything else!:)

  3. I love a white kitchen – a couple of houses back I had one and it was dreamy – very crisp and timeless. Bonus is you can easily change the feel with new accent pieces/colors. I love the look of open shelving but have so much “stuff” and am not nearly that neat so it wouldn’t work too well for me.

  4. I generally love any color for a kitchen (as long as it is designed well!), and I definitely have no problem with white cabinets. I think open shelves can look nice, but my mother’s voice sounds in my head: “Think of the DUST!” That said, one or two can always look nice if you have well-coordinated dishes for them. And the mirror is a great idea!

  5. I don’t think that you can go wrong with modern or classic white cabinetry, but I do think that there is such a thing as just too much cabinetry. It sounds like a great storage solution, but aesthetically it starts to look like a locker room. I love the look of open shelves done well. I think they are supposed to look casual and relaxed, almost like you didn’t try too hard. Ironically though, to get that casual eclectic look, a lot of thought has to go into achieving it. Love the pictures you post overall.


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