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It’s been several months now since Blogfest and I have to say I’m impressed with those who blog the day or week after an event. For me, I need to digest, soak in all I’ve learned and experienced, and that can take some time. Finding the best angle for me to write from and share my insights is also important. Rather than blogging about Blogfest I decided to hone in on a few experiences from the incredible three days and what they meant to me.

I’m kicking it off with our tour of the Kravet offices. Blogfest is the brainchild of Kravet and wow did they ever knock us off our feet. Everyday was filled with new and wonderful experiences, the kind where you pinch yourself wondering if you are actually there. I have worked with Kravet for many years and have grown to love their products and value my relationship with them. Getting the chance to see behind the scenes was indeed a highlight and my heart went pitter patter as we toured from room to room with our guide, Scott Kravet.

For me, it wasn’t just about the pretty fabrics and inspiration boards. I noticed and learned things that went beyond the material and patterns but deep into the brand of the company and what Kravet stands for. Taking away not only inspiration from a design perspective but much to my surprise, business insights as well.

What I learned from Kravet:

1. People are important to your business. Whether clients, trades, suppliers or employees, all of them help to make your business successful. Scott Kravet introduced us to each person by name, telling us what they did for the company and how long they had been there. Each and every one is an integral part of the company, like a family unit, and as a result, pride of workmanship is evident within the office.

2. Embrace new technology and…..

…..honour traditional art forms. While touring the office we were introduced to hands on sample boards, artists sketching on paper as well as the digital side of creating patterns. I still do many drawings by hand. The loose feel is somehow more personal to me so I’m not ready to give it up. At the same time I couldn’t be happier to sit at my computer and put together images and inspirations on my blog. I was happy to see a large company like Kravet embracing both and I will continue to do the same.

3. Be successful, stay humble. Everyone wants to be successful and each and every one of us defines success differently. Kravet, although a large company has a humble approach to the success of their business. They are confident in what they do and a leader in the textile industry but remain solid in their core values, and to me that speaks volumes in the most positive way.

4. Collaborate. Admittedly I felt this was taboo even as recently as two years ago but after collaborating with other designers and industry people I am seeing the value daily. Kravet collaborates not only with top design professionals but also friends in social media in an effort to reach out and stay connected in a highly approachable way. Priceless in creating and maintaining relationships in business.

5. Continue to learn. Keeping current is an asset, and as an example, Kravet has embraced social media and new technology in a way that has made a huge impact on their business. Whether it be learning a new technique, insights into new products on the market or simply a more efficient way of doing something that’s been done for years, I was inspired to stay current and educated, keep my eyes peeled for new opportunities and remain open to change.

Blogfest 2011 was a success. Simple as that. Why? Because we were treated to experiences that also inspired and educated. I didn’t take many notes, but what I did walk away with was a better understanding of my business and a clearer sense of identity and brand. For that, Kravet, I thank you.

Blogfest 2012 is already in the works and I highly suggest marking your calendars.


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  1. Nyla, Great article on Blogfest 2011. I love Kravet! I would love to attend 2012, and have marked my calender. Was great seeing you on Cityline. Hope all is well.

  2. Beautiful post, thank you so much for sharing your experience! I can personally attest to everything you said above, in my short time with the company I feel like I am part of the family. The Kravets’ warmth and humility infuses all aspects of our business. Looking forward to seeing you again in 2012!

  3. I totally agree with you, sometimes I can’t blog about an event until much later for the same reasons you have. As for this post, fabulous! Loved reading your insights and observations about Kravet. Good to know :)

  4. Such a great post for such a great event. I totally understand the need to soak it all in and your post was definitely worth the wait. Great points about a great company and a great event.

  5. Thanks for bringing back the great memories…a great post Nyla!


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