happy birthday to me and a gift for you

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Today is my birthday and as the saying goes, it’s better to give than to receive, so I’m giving you, my special readers a gift today.

You have a chance to WIN a design in a box! One lucky winner will receive one FREE* box designed especially for them and their space. This year I thought I’d also offer another winner a 25% discount** towards their design in a box purchase. With two chances to win, what are you waiting for? Here’s what you need to do:

Do you have a particular room desperate for change? Tell me which one, and in three descriptive words share the feel of your space currently. For example ~ UNINVITING • CLUTTERED • BLAH  Then tell me in three more descriptive words what your ideal space would look like. Example ~ RELAXED • CASUAL • WARM. Boom! You’re entered. You can enter here by leaving a comment, or on the Nyla Free Designs facebook page, as long as I can reach you. Deadline is midnight (MST) on Thursday, October 13th, 2011 for entries and the winners will be announced on Friday October 14th, 2011. (**Canadian customers only at this time**)

Last year’s design in a box winner was Jennifer from Nicole Jane Home so to give you a glimpse at your potential winnings here is a sneak peak at what was inside of her’s.

Jennifer has a long and narrow shaped living room with a lovely bay window and feature fireplace. The challenge was not only in the arrangement of furniture, but also with the number of people she wanted to comfortably seat as well as the fact that they have animals that like to be part of the action.

I won’t tell all the details of what I ended up creating because it was specifically designed for Jennifer and her space. I do know she is already busy putting a few of the ideas into action and the rest will come when time and budget permit. I can’t wait to see how this room takes shape. I may be able to share a few progress photos soon though, right Jennifer?

The art of brainstorming with fabrics swatches and paint colours.

What’s inside?

Here’s what Jennifer had to say:

“Nyla has an incredible ability to bring everything together with such style. I never would have come up with the fresh design she created for my living room. She mixed colours, textures, and shapes to give me the vision I needed to get started. I can’t wait to put it all together. Her attention to detail was carried all the way through the process, right down to the stunning box that I received containing carpet and fabric samples, vision boards, paint swatches and implementation guides—it was like Christmas morning around here when it arrived in the mail.”

Thank you Jennifer for your kind words! I had so much fun putting this together for you.

You can learn more by popping over to design in a box. It’s a great way to get started on the process of design if you don’t have the budget to hire a designer for one on one help, like to shop and do things yourself or live outside the Calgary area and like the look of Nyla Free Designs. This will give you everything you need in order to confidently pull your room together.

My sincere thank you to all those who visit my blog, comment and encourage me along the way. Good luck to all those who enter!



The fine print…

*winner receives one customized design in a box (large sized room or smaller) as per the instructions indicated on the website. Canadian customers only at this time please. If the winner chooses an extra large sized room, the difference must be paid prior to work starting. All guidelines and details are indicated on the design in a box page of the website. Information to complete the selected design in a box must be received no later than six months after the day winners are announced (Oct. 14th, 2011). Entries may be on behalf of other homeowners, but all entries must reside in Canada. No cash will be provided. Prize must be accepted as given.

**25% discount can be applied to any size box and must be used within 6 months from the date winners are announced (Oct. 14th, 2011)

Nyla Free Designs is a full service Calgary Interior Design studio. Our goal is to bring your home to life by revealing your style and infusing unexpected elements of design and detail. If we can help with your project please let us know! See the contact page to get in touch.

Nyla Free Designs also offers an online design service through Design in a Box.




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  1. Happy Birthday Nyla! And thank you for your inspiring blog and articles. Have a super day!

  2. Love the colour palette of the design box! But even more exciting is your BIRTHDAY! Hope your day is awesome Nyla!


    I know you are probably looking forward to the littles ones presents! I always do!

    current – stark – unihibited – colorless
    desire – inviting – chic – baby friendly!

  4. Happy Birthday, Nyla! My friend, Kim, introduced me to you and now I see that you’re also being featured in CRAVE (so am I!). I LOVE what you did in Kim’s house (so beautiful!) and would be thrilled to have our house “Nylafied”! In saying that, I could enter every room in our house in this contest… However, if I had to choose only one, I would choose our bedroom. We live in a 1920s character home which we’ve renovated. We’ve tried to keep the charm, but added some modern touches. Our room is a really weird layout with some odd nooks, strange ceiling, and we’ve never really figured out how to best use the space.
    So, here are three words to describe our bedroom right now:
    I’d like the space to feel:
    HARMONIC – WARM – BEAUTIFUL (with a splash of SEXY)

    Thank you! Hope you’ve had a great day! :)

  5. Happy Birthday Nyla! I am singing you the birthday song and many would say it is a good thing that you can not hear me. Have a great day.

    So I need to discribe a room for you…. I think that I will pick our living room.
    Dull, boring, old.
    Now how I would like it to be:

    Fresh, pretty, colourful.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  6. Have a wonderful birthday Nyla! So Happy to have met your [blog] acquaintance! :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Love your blog and your work for Dabble.

    How would I describe our living room? we moved in 3 years ago, had 2 children since then and have been overwhelmed trying to pull it together.

    currently it is UNINSPIRING – MISHMASH – SHAMBLES, we’d love it to be SIMPLE – VIBRANT – FAMILY

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Nyla!

    Our house is a new build so there are several rooms that still need work but for this contest I think I will choose our basement rec room.

    Currently: empty – monochromatic – boring
    Would like: cozy – inviting – family-friendly

  9. Ron and Judi Wood

    We have lived in our house for over ten years and have done some renovating on other areas of the house (The rented area of the basement was worked on five years ago. We tackled the living room, dining room, kitchen, hall, and office in 2008. This summer we had the open area in the basement updated.) Each of the renovated areas look MUCH better, but our bedroom is looking decidedly dark, sad, and uninviting in comparison. I would like it to look brighter (but not TOO bright), refreshing, and inviting, if that is possible. :)

  10. Hi Nyla!

    Our bedroom desperately needs you! I have never had a nice bedroom…

    Currently our room is disheveled plain and boring
    We would love a room that is relaxing, modern and cohesive

    Thanks nyla!

  11. Melissa Merritt

    Hi Nyla,

    Happy belated Birthday!

    I have several rooms that could use some TLC, however my biggest challenge right now is my living room, which is part of a great room. It is still pretty bare, but I am looking for something traditional with contemporary twists, warm, inviting and classic.

  12. Happy (Belated) Birthday!

    I love your work and would love a chance to win your expertise to pull together a bedroom for my 4.5 daughter. She developed a chronic illness earlier this year, requiring some serious medical intervention and frequent visits to ACH, but through it all she has retained such a positive spirit and I would love to create a space – a room of her own – that is reflective of the beautiful person that she is.

    Current bedroom: lackluster, confined, hodge-podge
    Our desire: playful, pretty, enduring

  13. Our bedroom needs some serious attention and hoping you can help!
    Right now it’s bland, disorganized and dull…
    we would love for it to be a sultry, warm, decadent sanctuary

  14. Our bedroom is in serious need of some attention!
    hoping you can transform it from bland, dull and disorganized to a sultry, warm and decadent sanctuary!

  15. Hi Nyla! I would LOVE the opportunity to get your input on our master bathroom. With a vaulted ceiling and 5 windows I don’t know where to begin. The three words that describe it now are “builder-basic”, uninviting and lackluster and we want it to move to warm, elegant and sophisticated. THANKS NYLA and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  16. Happy birthday Nyla!

    The room I would like to see changed is my master bedroom. It is currently Unsophisticated • Builder • Cold and I would like it to be Charming • Comfortable • Nyla’d



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