happy halloween!

If you read my Halloween post last year, you’ll recognize this space. Don’t you find that each year it’s becoming more and more popular with stores, decorations and expectations of goulish delight increasing? Our girls were invited to a halloween party this past weekend so my oldest really wanted to have a scary(er) costume this year. Here she is in her ‘little miss monstrous’ costume we found via Martha Stewart Living, while sitting at our stylishly scary entrance. Can you tell she has the attitude to go along with it?! What are your kids dressing up as? Or maybe the question should be what are you dressing up as? My five year old thinks I should be a ‘Mummy’ :)

Hope you have a safe and fun Halloween!

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  1. Grandma "Tasha" (Stanley)

    Your Halloween decorations in your entry are fab!! BUT the best is your ‘little miss monstrous’ Somewhere under all that costume & make up is my darling granddaughter!! xoxo

  2. Oh MY! great costume and decor …

  3. As always a fabulously stylish decor scheme and Little Miss Monstrous looks absolutely terrrrrifying!!!

  4. Nyla,

    A looks fabulous as do your decorations. C was Lady Gaga. He is pretty with those eyes and lips. Halloween is such fun. Another excuse to decorate and eat candy, two of my favorite things! ENJOY!


  5. Great costume!!! The attitude is hilarious :) My daughter went as a roll of sushi. I was cursing the cardboard for a few nights, but it turned out really well and she loved it.


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