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Sable Island, off the coast of Nova Scotia has been the site of an incredible 475 ship wrecks with horses being among the only survivors. Sailors, convicts and pirates have all occupied the island at some time, however never permanent. The length of Manhattan and width of Central Park, Sable Island is home of geology, natural history and plants numbering 175 species. The islands population fluctuates between 175 and 450 individuals living in family bands of two to ten. A fascinating and magical place, the movements and curiosities of the Wild Horses of Sable Island have been captured by Roberto Dutestco, a New York based artist working in photography, poetry and film.

I was introduced to Roberto Dutesco first by this space featured in Metropolitan Home. I still love it. A client of mine had pulled the same image from the magazine tagged as an artist she was interested in. After several years and deciding on the perfect location she purchased “Love Bite”. Roberto, captures the beauty and mystery of the wild horses, in their element and his. Watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity, Roberto is patient, becoming completely connected to them and their quirks and tendencies. The result is special, really, really special.

Emy at the gallery was fantastic to work with, walking us through all the sizes, colour options and framing. This was all done at a distance and went off without a hitch. We talked often and I looked forward to one day meeting in person.

Fast forward a few years later, May 2011 to be exact. While in New York for Blogfest I had added on a few extra days to my trip and had a great day wandering around Soho with Sharon and Yvonne from Layers and Layers.

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I turned a corner and saw the gallery of Roberto Duetesco. And then walking into the gallery and seeing Roberto there, working on this piece….wow!

Roberto’s artistic skills fill the edges and surround the image of Wild Horses. So personal and such beautiful detailing.

The Documentary Film Festival presents: Chasing Wild Horses

Watch more videos of his incredible photo shoot with the horses here.

Meeting Roberto was a highlight for me. Sharon and Yvonne from Layers and Layers can attest to the gasp I made as we turned the corner and saw his gallery. For him to be present AND working his magic on the piece above was icing on the cake. The cherry on top was the little note and autograph I left with, along with the big smile and a heart full of inspiration.

Thank you Roberto!


Image credit: Elle Decor Interior design by Garret Cord Werner, photo by John Granen

All other images: Nyla Free Designs


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  1. I am in serious love with these images Nyla…..really serious!!!! Stunning…Interestingly enough I am in the process of posting some images on Dasan Interiors website re: Wild Horses…something so majestic, regal and elegant about this amazing creature!


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