colour inspirations: beautiful dessert

One of the best parts of Christmas and the Holiday season are the gifts. Let’s face it, when there’s a package waiting on the doorstep or under the tree it’s exciting whether you’re 2 or 92. I received many edible gifts this year, and as a result my jeans are seriously shrinking…but that’s another topic completely. One in particular that I could hardly dive into because they were so gorgeous, were little cakes with an edible chocolate casing of intricate detail and even colour. So pretty I had to photograph, and of course I was inspired by it’s colour combination and pattern.

1. Loving this glossy gumdrop shade in mod pink from Serena & Lily 2. Cherry blossoms would be a perfect center piece, image via 3. David Stark for West Elm wood slices dinnerware set adds a sophisticated pattern with gold detailing 4. Paint your walls a rich brown, a lovely option is Davenport Tan HC-76, Aura by Benjamin Moore 5. How sweet to enjoy a beverage out of colourful Moroccan tea glasses by Alder & Co. 6. Eat from Vij’s At Home cookbook. If you ever have the chance to visit the restaurant in Vancouver, you must! 7. A handsome dining table with reeded detail on each leg, Algonquin square table by Vanguard 8. A classic upholstered Van Dyke dining chair by Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams, four please.


Thank you to House of Persian Rugs in Calgary for this beautiful gift!

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  1. Okay…Nyla I believe right now this is a “need” as opposed to a” want”! The dessert looks almost too gorgeous to eat, but I’m willing to give it my best shot:) And yes, colours are beautiful!

  2. Those look amazing! And delicious. It really translates into a wonderful colour combination for a room.


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