design notes: 1.23.12

Last week I talked about my powder room that is in dire need of an overhaul. Admittedly we have several areas in our home that are needing attention.

Our fireplace is the kind that looks like its plopped on the wall. No mantle, hearth, pretty tile or stone. You know the one, right? I expect the intention was a modern approach but I would like our fireplace to make a statement. I’m looking for something special. What happened to the finely detailed fireplaces? The ones with an old world feel and stand alone presence.

I’m longing for a European approach with marble, carved details and strength.

The photo below shows just this.

I’m on a mission!

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  1. Move to Toronto! Along with that fireplace you can get knob and tube wiring, a tiny kitchen, no closets or parking and only one bathroom! Luckily that fireplace and beautiful Victorian accents make up for all that. A real project! J


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