how to: solve a pillow problem

This may be a touchy subject for some of you. I get it. I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s almost like therapy. People are unhappy with a certain room so what do they go out and buy? You guessed it, PILLOWS. Pillows are expected to work some kind of miracle and bring peace and harmony to a room. They can, and they will, but not before approaching other issues and areas.

If you’re room is in need of a pick-me-up, pillows are probably not the best place to start your purchasing. Like all the ‘P’s’? PLEASE. Save yourself a pile of money and do not purchase pillows until plans are in place.

Pillow points to ponder:

1. Resist the urge to purchase pillows in an effort to fix a tired room. If you are happy with the entire room and would like to change up the pillows. Go for it. You have my permission, and you can ignore points two through five.

2. Get a game plan. A designer will help you put this together from the space planing and organizing the furniture layout, right through to final touches like accessories which include, you guessed it, pillows! Gathering your larger items first will give you the basis for selecting the most beautiful pillows for your space.

3. The styling stage is one of the very last items on the list of to-do’s during the process of working with a designer. That’s when the pillows come into play. Even if you are not working with a designer, may I suggest you use this same approach?

4. Think of pillows as jewels for furniture. They are the finishing touches. (See point #3). Using a pillow as a jumping off point and inspiration for a room can be done, but do approach with caution. Best results yielded by deferring to a professional designer.

5. Pillows are often expensive, and I mean a few hundred dollars expensive. Each. Yes, that’s right, each. So please protect your pennies and purchase pillows towards the end of your project to save excess pillows from piling up :)

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  1. Yes, i agree, pillows/cushions are the finishing touches :), Lorna

  2. I love how you say pillows are the “jewels” of furniture! So true! When I go in to style a home for a magazine photo shoot I might bring 10-20 pillows with me. They are the easiest way to freshen a room or take it to the next level.

  3. I’m so guilty of this. Hello, my name is Priscilla and I’m addicted to pillows. I’m also addicted to rugs which is a slightly more expensive habit. I need help.


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