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Calling all bloggers! In case you’ve been living under a social media rock over the last few weeks I wanted to make sure you knew of some great opportunities for design bloggers and interior designers.

I’ve been blogging for over two years now and I can honestly say it has changed my business significantly. Let me add, that it has also changed me, how I look at my work, the world around me and my approach to design. In the last year I have seen an incredible number of opportunities come my way and to many others in the design community. People are catching on to the influence of bloggers, their insights, style and design focused posts.

I was recently interviewed and featured in the Designer Spotlight series on Modenus, a site for designers to network and source product from suppliers around the globe, and since then becoming more and more familiar with the site and all it has to offer. Last year, Veronika, founder of Modenus, launched Blog Tour 2011 to London England. Bloggers from all over traveled the city diving into all aspects of design and detail. I admit I watched with mild jealousy, but with the help of social media we followed along with tweets and facebook updates as though we were hanging in their back pockets.

With Blog Tour the success it was, it’s no surprise there’s not one but four tours scheduled for 2012. If you are a design blogger I encourage you to get out your brag book and share why YOU should be selected to attend one of the fabulous tours to New York, Milan, London or Paris. I sure did!

Do you have a great blog, style, and personality? Do you love design, travel, food and wine? In fact, do you love all the great things life has to offer and want to share them with your captive audience? Yes? Well how about this – would  you like to join Modenus and select teams of bloggers as they scour the world for great design and report back live from the world’s greatest cities and the most recognized design trade shows? Click to the Modenus site to enter. What are you waiting for?!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….

Traditional Home magazine has come up with a pretty fabulous idea. After launching TRADhome last year showcasing 20 up and coming designers, they’re doing it again, but this time with a twist. They’re looking to the blogging community to select and nominate designers. This is where the blogging and design communities merge. How exciting! I don’t know of another magazine reaching out to the blogging community like this.  If your submission is chosen, not only will your designer friend love you forever, but you’ll have the opportunity to be a guest editor for TRADhome’s Spring 2012 issue. Pretty darn cool if you ask me. If you have a designer friend or someone you admire from afar. Nominate them! Designers can not make submissions for themselves so get out there and let them know how fabulous you think they are. Stay tuned for the next issue showcasing new Trad talent as chosen by stylish and on-the-pulse bloggers. You’ve only got until January 21st. The clock is ticking so go on! Visit the Traditional Home site to get the scoop on what you need to do.

If you’re a blogger, designer or both, get out there and strut your stuff. Seize the moment. Hope to see you somewhere on BlogTour2012 or gracing the pages of TRADhome. Good luck!

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  1. Thanks for Sharing Nyla- It certainly is an amazing opportunity!
    Good Luck to you- your blog is amazing – you would be a fabulous candidate! XO


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