new at elte: silk sari area carpets

Admittedly I wander trade shows like a kid in a candy store. Bright eyes, head on a swivel, anxious to see something new and inspiring. To be honest, it’s hard to impress us designer types. We are constantly looking for what’s new, what’s next as we see so much during our daily travels of client work and internet surfing. One booth in particular did not disappoint.

My favourite, favourite (did I mention favourite?!) item introduced at the Interior Design Show in Toronto was the Silk Orchid Collection from Elte. These area carpets blew me away.

“The secret to these rugs is the recycled sari silk that goes into them. Vintage Sari Silk dresses are collected, unravelled and then hand knotted into these exceptional, one of a kind masterpieces. The patterns are inspired by antique ikat fabrics that emphasize the transition from one magnificent colour to the next.” Jamie Metrick

Once the silk is gathered, each piece is created by hand taking roughly 4-5 months to complete, not dissimilar to other custom area carpets. The colour saturation and combinations from the saris and sheen of the silk, as you can see above, are what make these carpets truly special. An incredible 80 – 100 sari’s are used to make one 8’x10′ area carpet.

Each carpet is one of a kind and totally dependent on the saris they are able to collect. They are works of art, a classic investment and could even be considered a family heirloom. Ever have a ‘take your breath away emotional kind of feeling’ where you’ll miss out if you don’t take it home today. Yes, that. Which is precisely why I have one on hold for myself :)

Third image via: Elte

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  1. Wow Nyla! Thank you so much for featuring our Silk Orchid Collection on your site! It was so great talking to you this past weekend. The show was so much fun. I had an amazing time getting to meet so many designers and bloggers that I’ve only been able to communicate with through emails and comment boxes. Anyway, I have to thank you for being so supportive of what it is we’re trying to do. We believe that homes should be beautiful and that’s why we travel as much as we do to source the best in home furnishings for our customers. Thank you for everything and I hope to see you at Elte again soon. I uploaded photos of our booth on Facebook so if you haven’t checked them out yet, please do once you get a chance ( All the best Nyla and take care!


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