design details: tassles on furniture

I’m a detail person. Perhaps it comes with being a designer, but it’s the finer elements, the additions and extras that really do it for me when it comes to design and detail. During a recent trip to Los Angeles, we took a wander down the design district of La Cienega and I fell in love with the quaint boutiques with courtyards and tiny walkways between the buildings. We walked into Therien & Co., a store filled with period antiques and I couldn’t help but admire the addition of tassels to many of their pieces. This small detail hung from the keys opening doors and drawers to armoires, chests and desks. So pretty I had to share.

For me, the finishing touches really make a difference, whether it be contrast button tufting, moldings and trim or something as purely decorative as a tassel. I often think of tassels with drapery and pillows, but what a clever way of introducing them to a piece of furniture. And why not, right?

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  1. I have always loved tassels, they have always been “in style” and could not agree with you more, it’s those little finishing touches that can speak volumes!


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