experience: le parker meridien palm springs

During our recent vacation to Palm Springs, my friend Jacqueline gave us a generous list of some of her favorite spots while visiting the area. Le Parker Meridien was on her list and although we did make it there, it was bad timing and regrettably we left sooner than I would have liked. I think ‘paparazzi’ or ‘stalker’ would have described me to a tea as I walked the grounds, snapping photos of everything I could in an effort to capture the sense of oasis and feeling of wanting to stay there.

There’s something about walking into a hotel lobby, an exciting first impression, the feeling of a getaway, girls weekend, vacation or exciting business conference. At least those are feelings I’ve had during my recent travels. Hotels are special, a home away from home, yet a fantasy world at the same time as the decor and atmosphere would not be seen in our everyday living spaces. The point exactly.

The vibe is certainly mid century, but with a groovy, hippie-like twist. The grounds are lush with greenery and winding paths revealing places to ‘hang out’ and relax along the way. All so private you forget where you are. So. Dreamy.

A lemonade stand in the grounds where you’ll find ‘adult’ lemonade and a small but tasty menu. This area is only for hotel guests, another reason to go back!

Although kid friendly, my husband and I immediately commented on how we should return to the Parker for a weekend getaway. Ummmm….how about next weekend? I hope to take it all in another time but for now I will enjoy it through the eye of my camera lens.

Interior Design by: Jonathan Adler Architecture by: David Mann Landscape Architecture by: Judy Kameon

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  1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Parker. It is an essential Palm Springs experience for me. I simply must go every time I visit PS! The spa is amazing, there are great opportunities to see the rich and famous, and the whole vibe makes me feel a lot cooler than I really am!


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