a day in the life: shopping with mom and trina turk

My girls have grown up shopping with me. It’s a huge part of my job. I started my business when my oldest daughter was four months old (now almost 11) so I’ve carted them around here and there, to and fro, especially during their pre school days. While very good, they’re also getting creative in how they pass the time as we go from store to store. During our vacation in Palm Springs (and of course shopping) our five year old had the camera while ten year old modeled. I was busy admiring all the pretty and colourful bits in Trina Turk and my girls were doing a fashion photo shoot.

It’s nice not to be the one behind the camera all the time. Sure, the photos aren’t perfect, but they capture the moment and fun they were having. I hear them giggling with each other as I look at the photos. What a great little memory.

I feel very fortunate to be in a position to work for myself, allowing time to spend with my girls before and after school as well as activities but it means they’re with me for work errands quite often. It’s certainly has it’s challenges and sacrifices but also huge benefits. We have a lot of fun shopping together (for the most part!) and I notice the girls playing “designer” with each other from time to time. Warms a mama’s heart.

Just another day shopping with Mom….

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