fun shots for dabble mag with lori andrews

You hear a lot about collaboration these days and honestly it’s something I never fully understood until I jumped on twitter almost three years ago. Twitter is where I have met truly amazing people and been given some pretty fabulous opportunities.

Twitter is how I met Lori Andrews. I mentioned I needed photography help and in true, fabulously bold Lori form, there she was, tweeting about how she would love to photograph my work. Well ok, let’s give it a shot!

When I started writing for Dabble, this meant more photography. So needless to say Lori and I have become fast friends. If you know both of us, you’ll know we’re completely different, yet we compliment and collaborate with each other awfully well. Lori has a way with photographing people (thank goodness!) and is genius with shooting an interior space.

After eight photo shoots and counting we’re getting into a good groove, having loads of fun and realizing more creative potential as we go. We’ve even started to take some fun behind the scenes shots during the shoot so keep an eye out for those in months to come.

Shooting for Dabble issue 8 was a blast. You didn’t have to ask my girls twice to jump around on the sectional and have their photos taken while doing so. We also had fun with the crocodile head on our studio table snapping a few photos there as well. Check out Reality Check on tips for building a custom sectional (if you haven’t already!).

Needless to say my girls love it when Ms. Andrews comes over. Love these photos (and working with you) Lori!

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  1. Nothing like a great collab to produce such lovely work!! (and two beautiful, gorgeous little girls to boot!)

  2. Aw, I adore your girls! so fun. oh and you!

  3. So cute….I especially love the miss kitty tattoos…:)


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