blanco: cerana series fireclay sink

The detail in interior design is wide spread. It starts from the concept. Whether a decorative project, full scale renovation or new build, the decision making process begins at the onset and continues right through to the final styling stage. There are choices made for function, some aesthetic and others where both are top of mind.

With stainless steel being the most popular choice, a sink is typically considered a utilitarian object, one that serves a purpose rather than a decorative detail. Not necessarily a focal point of the kitchen, one decides upon width to fit the existing cabinet, bowl sizes and depth as function prevails over the overall look.

Ready to think outside the box?

Blanco has introduced a fireclay sink called CERANA. A modern approach to a century old technique, Cerana has a unique ability to suit modern and traditional design styles with the flip of a side, all while boasting the durability of a surface that won’t stain, chip or fade. Brilliant if you ask me!

Blanco has created a video to share more about the process of this versatile apron sink. You’ll see more of it’s craft and gain an appreciation for the handmade quality of each piece. If you’re in the midst of, or considering a kitchen renovation, this sink is worth a second glance as it offers a functional size and depth while keeping style at the forefront.

Unlike decorative objects that come and go, a sink or faucet is a purchase to stand the test of time. Making a classic choice without compromising design and style is always the perfect choice.

While Blanco carries a wide variety of sinks and faucets for your kitchen and bathroom renovation needs, this sink in particular is one of my new favourites. Now, who’s ready for a kitchen renovation so I can spec this sink?!

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