fabulous finds: encaustic tiles

Ever been on the lookout for something special to add to your decor? Perhaps an item with history or a global vibe? Of course you have! Look no further than encaustic tiles. A ceramic tile, where coloured patterns are inlaid with a beeswax-based paint, fixed with heat. Dating back to the medieval ages, encaustic tilmix is easily into today’s modern and traditional decor, and because the colour is inlaid into the body of the tile, the pattern remains even if the tile is worn down. Bring a sense of history into your home. A little, will go a long way.

5 ways you can bring encaustic tiles into your home:

  • Use as 1 or 2 as a trivet or hotplate.
  • 5-7 work well as accents in a backsplash or fireplace surround
  • A decorative hearth or fireplace surround of encaustic tiles is sure to had impact to a room
  • create a permanent ‘area rug’ on the floor of a bathroom or front entry using 100 – 150 tiles
  • a backsplash or wall niche would welcome a hit of pattern and colour

Poppytalk recently blogged about a kitchen with a clever use of encaustic tiles. Pop on over to get your creative juices flowing!

I found these gems at Traders of the Lost Art in Calgary. Items from years past are ready to be found and given new life in today’s decor. Keep your eyes peeled for antique shops, flea markets and tag sales to find your perfect treasure.

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  1. I used these at Candela! and it’s now open! So go and check them out! We had new ones custom made for us by Kismet Tile.

  2. We love posts like yours that bring these wonderful tile to many people unfamiliar with them. While we do not sell the antique tiles, we do make replicas and keep many tiles in stock for quick delivery. Thanks for the nice photos and keep the blog going <3
    Lundy at Villa Lagoon Tile–Cement tile is our specialty


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