a night to remember: a hike for maggie’s centres

It was cold. It was raining. We were exhausted. The truth is I could have thought of a million reasons not to go. But, I knew I should. I knew in my heart this was important. We bundled up and hopped in a cab. Upon arrival the rain stopped. Upon arrival at Leadenhall Market, I was overwhelmed not only by the architecture, but the people. This was bigger than me, much bigger than my selfishness, feeling cold or tired. My emotion moved towards excitement as I drew off the energy of the crowd and those I was with. We were serious about our walk! From left to right: Patti Johnson – Patti Johnson Interiors, me, Erin Tye – Modenus, Vitania Liscio – Verdigris Vie, Veronika Miller – Modenus. Photo taken by Cheryl┬áKees Clendenon – Details and Design.

We set out on the hike, moving at a snails pace. 10,000 + people were participating, walking for loved ones. A walk to end this evil we call cancer. A walk to support Maggie’s Centers, a facility of care for those dealing with the words, “you have cancer” and the ones who are caring for them.

We slowly made our way. First stop was Tower of London, a historically eerie spectacle. I was in awe of it’s size and daunting aura. And then… Tower Bridge. A take my breath away moment. I walked across the bridge in amazement. I wanted to take in every moment, every step, every ounce of history embodied in it. We moved slowly amidst others standing in wonder, taking photographs, sharing smiles. Memories.

We made our way to the top of a new City Hall building. The elevator doors opened to a choir singing Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and we took in the spectacular view of the Tower Bridge from the observation deck. I began chatting with a woman who was walking in memory of five, yes five loved ones she recently lost. She was convicted, sad, strong. I held back my tears. We said good bye but I won’t ever forget her. Cancer affects us all. It robs us of loved ones and friends too soon.

The BlogTour team made our way along the River Thames, admiring architecture and chatting. Getting to know each other. I have a quote on my bulletin board “celebrate what you don’t have”. I have much to be thankful for. I am blessed. Turn the table and consider what you don’t have. I have my health. I don’t have cancer. Celebrate.

However, millions do. Maggie’s is there to help, to support, to encourage and lift you up when you’re world is crumbling down. We need more Maggie’s in the world. They are critical in the assistance of overcoming this illness. A tower of strength.

Riding the London Eye was an amazing experience. The view, spectacular. The world so big, yet so small when people join together with a common bond of hope.

Walking with my BlogTour friends, in support of Maggie’s Centres was priceless. It made me realize there’s more to give. It made me think I should get more involved. It gave me hope that we’ll find a cure.

Thank you Maggie’s for all you are doing in support of those with cancer, for embracing BlogTour and inviting us to walk alongside you in this fight.

For more photos of the night hike, and to see how you can support Maggie’s please visit the website. Information about Night Hike 2013 is already posted. Anyone care to jump the pond and go for a walk?



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  1. Wow Nyla! Your description of this event gave me goosebumps. I felt that I was there just by reading your post. How wonderful that you had the opportunity to participate in such an important and powerful event. Sounds like BlogTour was not only good for eye candy, it was good for the soul too!


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