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At Nyla Free Designs Inc. we have what’s called styling day. When a project is ready for install all furniture, accessories, artwork and the like are delivered, placed and styled for our clients. It doesn’t always happen in one day but we sure try. During this day, there’s so much going on and to be honest sometimes it gets messy before it gets beautiful. I make sure to bring along our toolbox filled with necessary tools and supplies to make styling day as smooth as possible. Every designer, decorator, stager or stylist should have one. If you do, what special tools do you have to make your life easier? Here’s a look inside mine ~

The other essential tool (not shown) is my phone or larger Canon camera to snap photos of the ins and outs of the day itself as well as the ‘after’ shots revealing all your hard work and vision coming to life. Don’t forget the photos!

Nyla Free Designs is a full service Calgary Interior Design studio. Our goal is to bring your home to life by revealing your style and infusing unexpected elements of design and detail. If we can help with your project please let us know! See the contact page to get in touch.

Nyla Free Designs also offers an online design service through Design in a Box.


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  1. My only additions are nail clippers and a nail file – my nails never survive style day!

  2. Does Canadian Tire sponsor you ?


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