vancouver condo: teaser reveal

Ok, I’m being a tease. Just one image from my Vancouver condo install is all you’re allowed. I’m keeping the rest of the project under wraps for now, however I’m sharing one of my favourite shots which gives a sneak peek of the warm, West Coast natural and airy feel of the space.

At 3:15 I was furiously snapping photos when I was supposed to be on my way to the airport by 3 to return to Calgary. Oh the things we do for photos! Thankfully, many of them turned out, and I made my flight on time.

See my day in the life post as well as the project sneak peek for more on this exciting condo we furnished and accessorized from top to bottom.

Living room

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  1. This is teasing…can’t wait to see all of the photos! I should have offered to “race” you to the airport …after all I owe you one ;)

  2. HEY! teasers are so cruel cuz I want to see it all now!!! LOL looks lovely so far, look forward to the “whole” picture …

  3. that LAMP! i love it. love the warm leather on the barcelona chair too, such a welcome change from the ubiquitous black! looks great nyla, can’t wait to see more.

  4. Ah! So pretty, I can’t wait to see the rest. That sofa looks amazing… and the leather on the chair is beautiful. Looks awesome!


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