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We’re back from our spring break vacation in Palm Springs. It’s the second year we’ve gone and it won’t be our last. We spent the majority of our days poolside, soaking up the sun, lounging with magazines, word search puzzles and music… perfection. The girls were in the water more than they were out, showing off hand stands, dives, back flips, and trying out their underwater synchro moves. Me, with camera close by at all times, managed to capture some ‘moments’ if you will. The smaller details in a larger picture capture more of the story than expected.

Sunglasses poolside Sunglasses and a pool… a match made in heaven.

Heart shape found poolside A heart shaped dry spot on the pool deck my daughter spotted and quickly photographed. I love hearts!

Underwater Underwater kisses between sisters.

Reflections in sunglasses of midcentury modern house A reflection of the mid-century modern home we stayed at through the lens of my husbands aviators.

Palm Trees, Palm Springs A perfect row of palm trees.

Eyelashes, triangle shaped fresh out of the pool I loved how our younger daughters eye lashes configured into triangles after being in the water.

Splash I seriously can not stop looking at this image. The water is a second home for our oldest and this photo embodies her love of it.

I adore taking photos. I’m no pro, but I’ll keep learning and practicing in an effort to continue capturing moments like these.


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  1. These photos are amazing Nyla, especially that last one! Wow!


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