thoughts and ponderings: on turning 40

Today is the first day of my 41st year.

That’s right, yesterday was my big 4-0. What is it about this number that causes such emotion and mostly it seems in a negative way? I admit, I haven’t been looking forward to it, but now that the day has come and gone I’m ready to embrace being part of the ’40-something’ crowd. If I have my dear friends to compare to (you know who you are!) then I have much to look forward to and more to be thankful for. Besides, you were a significant part of making my 30’s pretty darn awesome.

special dinner at mercato kelly green handbag box of chocolates tiffany's little blue box I had an amazing birthday complete with loved ones, whether in person or messages from afar, generous gifts given from the heart and an incredible amount of laughs.

I don’t feel “over the hill”… I feel blessed, I look at my family and feel overwhelmed with love, I feel inspired by what I’ve accomplished so far and what the future holds and I feel incredibly fortunate to have the friends I have. You can’t put a price on these things at any age, however I find as I get older I grow to appreciate each blessing more and more. There is nothing to take for granted in this life. I have all I could possibly ask for…and more.

So cheers to the next decade and all that it has in store. I hear 40 is the new fabulous.

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  1. Happy Birthday! 40 IS the new fabulous, and nobody makes it look more fabulous than you.


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