3 ways to set your thanksgiving table

It’s that time of year again. The holidays are rolling in and it kicks off with Thanksgiving here in Canada. One of the things I love is holiday entertaining, bringing family and friends together around a table of good food is one of my favourite things to do, not to mention the fun of setting the table. We prepared a few ideas for you to get the creative juices flowing and inspire you for the weekend festivities. Enjoy!

Nyla Free Designs, Thanksgiving table settings

A casual approach with textures and warmth.

1. The Saturday Brunch – mix natural materials with a neutral palette and you’ve got a stylish setting perfect for a casual get together.

Nyla Free Designs, Thanksgiving table settings

A traditional and formal setting.

2. The Sunday Dinner – a more formal setting mixing texture and festive pattern alongside brass accents is sure to impress your Sunday guests.

Nyla Free Designs, Thanksgiving table settings

A bold and graphic setting of black, white and brass.

3. The Monday Feast – get bold and graphic with the formality of black and white, mixed with pretty glass and brass. Yes please!

{insert Turkey coma here}


lately loving: window pane

Lately Loving Window Pane The window pane trend is on the rise from your closet to interiors so expect to see more of this graphic through Fall 2015 and beyond. This linear detail creates the simplest square pattern. Whether in clothing, furniture or architecture we are inspired by all things framed.

1. Interior windows | 2.Tory Burch silk tie dress | 3.  Twiggy 1966 | 4. Gridwork heels  | 5. Trench | 6. IKEA Vittsjö shelving | 7. Canopy bed | 8. Sweater | 9. Hanging clothes


lately loving: grey and white checkerboard floors

grey and white checkerboard floors Patterned floors are all the rage these days, however they’ve been around for decades. The classic black and white checkerboard floor dates back to the late 1600’s with the finest of marbles. The design reinvents itself in the 20th century during the 1920’s and 30’s as an inexpensive and easy to clean option for modest homes using linoleum tiles. Fast forward a few more years to Hollywood glam style and designer Dorothy Draper who used the checkerboard pattern in a high gloss, large scale option on the floor of the Greenbrier Hotel.

Taking the checkerboard pattern and reducing the intensity of black to grey creates a softer approach to this bold design. From entrance and hallways to kitchen and outdoor spaces, we are loving the impact this combination of grey and white provides to a room.
grey and white checkerboard floors grey and white checkerboard floors grey and white checkerboard floors grey and white checkerboard floors grey and white checkerboard floors grey and white checkerboard floors Sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7


lately loving: pale pink

Lately Loving - Pink

Have you heard the expression “in the pink”? If you are in the pink of health, this means you are in the highest or best degree or condition, which in my own summary, means pink has some pretty positive vibes. It’s no wonder I love it so much! 

The softer shades of pink are sophisticated, elegant, pretty and so well rounded we’re seeing it everywhere from statement architecture to beauty products. Move away from the stereotype of too juvenile or too feminine and confidently add a little more pink into your world. Much like the look of rosy cheeks in the winter or a beautiful blush on our face, the addition of pink adds a warm glow and softness to any room.

Images sources: 1. photographer Koichiro Doi 2. the seeke 3. palace of the winds 4. aztec blanket 5. bedroom 6. chair 7. lush aqua marina


lately loving: black & white buffalo check

black and white gingham I’m quite fond of classic black and white patterns. “Lately loving” has seen bold stripes so far and there’s more to come. This week we’re drawing inspiration from black and white buffalo check. Gingham, a name commonly associated with this pattern, refers to the cotton fabric used to make clothing or small house hold wares such as casual shirts and dresses, table cloths or napkins. Buffalo check (the actual name of the pattern), was named after the designer’s herd of buffalo, has been around since the late 1800’s and typically consists of two contrasting colours. Don’t let his classic pattern be pigeon holed into a cutesy, country theme as it is bold, graphic and positively current in design and fashion today.

Image credits: restaurant l dress l wallpaper l bathing suit l dining room l chair l skirt Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary Professional, Interior Designer,



lately loving: wide black & white stripes

black and white stripes Admittedly I am always drawn to stripes and the black and white kind are my favourite. The graphic nature and bold expression of this classic combination is one I could find an excuse to add to an outfit or room any day!

Image credits: skirt l area carpet l agenda l bowl l tile l flower

Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary Professional, Interior Designer,


lately loving: black & white wallpaper

black and white wallpaper For most, wallpaper is a huge commitment. It is considerably more daring than paint, however the overall impact is far greater. Pattern is the added factor with wallpaper, however if you’re looking for the WOW without the jolt of colour, black and white is the perfect choice. While graphic, black and white wallpaper is completely neutral, equally modern and traditional as well as versatile and timeless. We recently used Cole and Son’s woods wallpaper in a stairwellproviding interest and creating a backdrop to the beautiful architectural details.

Image credits: Domaine Home I Schumacher wallpaperDecor Happy Blog I Designers Guild wallpaper, Wall and Deco, Cole and Son wallpaper I Living space

Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary Professional, Interior Designer,



lately loving: plywood

Plywood With the industrial feel alive and well in interiors, and lighter wood making a resurgence, plywood is showing it’s face on the forefront of design, not just behind the scenes. The pale and raw material is becoming a selection, not just a base of construction. It has an architectural element and of course is extremely budget savvy. Plywood verges on being stark and cold in it’s raw state even though it is wood, and it’s use in these spaces certainly dictate simple environments. Is there a place for it in modern day North American interiors or does the overall appeal lean more towards a European Scandinavia feel?

Jamie is loving the modern and organic offering of these spaces. How about you?

Image sources clockwise from top left: shelving with pegs, chair, plywood clad room, platform bed, closet, window openings Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary Professional, Interior Designer,



guest pin-spiration for lapicida

Lapicida PINspiration

I had the pleasure of visiting the Kings Road Lapicida showroom while on BlogTour London in 2012. Amongst the many amazing design shows and showroom visits, Lapicida was a highlight. I am a huge fan of natural stone and encourage it as much as possible in the selection processs with clients. There is no other material that offers the same depth and dimension.

Lapicida treated us to an informative tour of their showroom (you can see my post here), enlightening us with stories and the history of each stone. It was fascinating to hear of their origins, the removal process from the earth and then finally manufactured into statement counters, floors, fireplaces, sinks…I could go on.

I learned there are very few boundaries when it comes to stone. If you can dream it, they will build it.

I was asked to create a pinterest board for Lapicida with images of what inspires me about natural stone. From small objects to entire spaces, the beauty of stone is alive and well in the world of design. Pop over here to get inspired.

Check out the Lapicida blog for a detailed description of my board and follow along for your own pin-spiration and inspiring images of natural stone.  

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fashion to interiors: tory burch fall ’14

When the email arrived in my inbox the other day from Tory, oh wait, we’re not on a first name basis (yet!) I was so drawn to the simple photography of the models against the foliage backdrop for her Fall 2014 campaign. It reminded me of the graphic nature of the iconic Beverley Hills Martinique Banana Leaf wallpaper or the idea of this concept. So bold and ultimately high risk, yet entirely captivating to see such nature on the walls of a room. As always, I love the connection between fashion and interiors. Would you be so bold as to add the likes of foliage to your walls?

interiors to fashion fashion to interiors Images: Tory Burch, NY mag, Elle Decor



lately loving: turquoise

Hope you had a lovely weekend! I’m feeling a little blue as my girls have orientation today and are back to school tomorrow. Where did the summer go? Let’s turn those blues into a shade of turquoise and celebrate what’s left of summer since there’s still over 3 weeks left, shall we?

If there’s any colour other than yellow that has summer written all over it, it’s turquoise. My happy place is anywhere with water, preferably the beach and of course the shades of blue that come along with it are always inspiring. Since we stayed close to home this summer I’m left craving some ocean blue. Will resort to pretty images for now. Happy Monday!  turquoise Image credits clockwise from top left: 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 5