lately loving: plywood

Plywood With the industrial feel alive and well in interiors, and lighter wood making a resurgence, plywood is showing it’s face on the forefront of design, not just behind the scenes. The pale and raw material is becoming a selection, not just a base of construction. It has an architectural element and of course is extremely budget savvy. Plywood verges on being stark and cold in it’s raw state even though it is wood, and it’s use in these spaces certainly dictate simple environments. Is there a place for it in modern day North American interiors or does the overall appeal lean more towards a European Scandinavia feel?

Jamie is loving the modern and organic offering of these spaces. How about you?

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friday link love and the dress that got away

polka dots Hello friends! My time in Toronto so far has been fabulous. Our first night here we wandered over to the Hudson’s Bay on Young St., the Canadian flagship store so you can image it’s size. We found ourselves in “the Room“, a high end boutique known for it’s haute couture fashion since 1937. We drooled over the fabrics, tailoring, vivid colour and pattern.  No sooner were the words “I need a dress” out of my mouth and we were in the lovely hands of ‘gown guy’ escorting us around. I did find three to try on and made my way to the fitting room. The one, an Armani stunner, considerably discounted and provided that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and feel like you could be on the red carpet. The crowd cheered and applauded and we all took in the moment. It was special. Likely the first and last time I will ever have an Armani dress on as I walked away to “think about it”. It’s not 100% right and even at the sale price it was a serious dent in my pocket book. And so the search continues…

Happy Friday and enjoy this weekend reading!

2014 trends that are sticking around.

If you’re resolving to be better organized this year, this is a great article on what to keep, what to pitch.

Check out these stunning floors.

 Turtleneck hair? I love this!

Hot off the press…the new David Burdeny show at Herringer Kiss Gallery

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office happenings at nyla free designs

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset We are settling into the groove of the new year and have a lot of planning going on right now. Lists and lists are being made from a client perspective as well as business development. January is perfect for setting goals and intentions and we’re doing exactly that. Mother Nature has been gracious with warm weather and sunshine and we’ve had the office window open to let the fresh air in. There’s new colour and material inspiration on our pinboard and some cool tunes on the playlist. From clothing to music, inspirations and overall vibe, this is part of our day.

basket of fabrics january inspiration board, nyla free designs We hope you’re having a great week!

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guest pin-spiration for lapicida

Lapicida PINspiration

I had the pleasure of visiting the Kings Road Lapicida showroom while on BlogTour London in 2012. Amongst the many amazing design shows and showroom visits, Lapicida was a highlight. I am a huge fan of natural stone and encourage it as much as possible in the selection processs with clients. There is no other material that offers the same depth and dimension.

Lapicida treated us to an informative tour of their showroom (you can see my post here), enlightening us with stories and the history of each stone. It was fascinating to hear of their origins, the removal process from the earth and then finally manufactured into statement counters, floors, fireplaces, sinks…I could go on.

I learned there are very few boundaries when it comes to stone. If you can dream it, they will build it.

I was asked to create a pinterest board for Lapicida with images of what inspires me about natural stone. From small objects to entire spaces, the beauty of stone is alive and well in the world of design. Pop over here to get inspired.

Check out the Lapicida blog for a detailed description of my board and follow along for your own pin-spiration and inspiring images of natural stone.  

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toronto bound

toronto ontario canada I’m flying east today and while Toronto in January is not top of my list, with reasons like the Business of Design conference and IDS15 I am every bit excited. Not to mention a few nights in a quiet hotel room all to myself. Bliss! Stay tuned for updates via instagram and facebook as well as highlights on the blog next week.

lately loving: felt

felt inspiration If felt brings back memories of childhood crafts, I’m here to tell you, it’s come a long way. Felt is a non-woven fabric made up of fibres such as wool or synthetics and matted together using heat, moisture and an immense amount of pressure. It is making it’s way into interiors in everything from lighting, accessories, fabrics and even wall coverings. With ingenious methods of modern crafting and sculpting, felt is seeing a breakthrough in modern design.

Source guide and image credits: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6

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our favourite whites

favourite designer whites, nyla free designs, calgary interior designer With a plethora of white paint options the task of selecting the right one can be daunting. Slight hues of yellow, pink, blue or green may cloud your vision and leave you feeling cross-eyed and frustrated. When selecting a white we look to our tried and true list and more often than not we find what we’re looking for. Here’s the inside scoop!

Snowfall White: slight undertone of yellow, warm and crisp.

Simply White: the truest white of the bunch, bright without being cold.

Paper Maché: a warm white with a hint of grey, an elegant basic.

Grey Mist: a personal favourite, the perfect combination of warm and cool.

Pale Oak: a silky white with depth and warmth.

Most paint stores offer sample pots covering a 2′ square area to test the colour. It’s the perfect way to be 100% sure you’ve found the right white!

Note: All colours are Benjamin Moore. This post was not sponsored in any way. All supplies were purchased by Nyla Free Designs Inc. Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary Professional, Interior Designer,


project reveal: calgary elbow park, nyla free designs

The process of building a home from the ground up is extensive. The decision making starts immediately. Most overlook the value of an interior designer at the early stages of a project, to the point where decisions must be made based on what has already been built rather than what has been planned for. We were lucky enough to start working with this client before construction started which gave us ample time for potential changes and room for attention to detail.

Kitchen, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Rocky Point Custom Homes, John Bilodeau Photography

Our clients knew clearly what they loved , however if there was a hint of uncertainty, they put their trust in us and moved to the next task. Decisions were made efficiently and with confidence. The outcome has personality plus, with daring elements, colour, pattern and texture all while creating a warm and friendly environment perfect for entertaining, loads of kids running in and out the door, or simply hanging out by the fire….a beautiful abode for a wonderful family. Kitchen Kitchen Living Room, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Rocky Point Custom Homes, John Bilodeau Photography Family Room Family Room Entrance Dining, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Rocky Point Custom Homes, John Bilodeau Photography Ensuite, Nyla Free Designs Inc., Rocky Point Custom Homes, John Bilodeau Photography This home recently graced the cover of Homes and Living magazine. See the digital version here. homes and living magazine cover Interior Design: Nyla Free Designs Inc. Builder/contractor: Rocky Point Custom Homes Photographer: John Bilodeau

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pantone 2015 colour of the year: marsala

marsala colour of the year The Pantone colour of the year is always much anticipated. After the announcement of Marsala, an uproar of negative comments ensued. So much backlash and negative feedback I was shocked at how strongly people felt about this colour . Poor Marsala. It was not looking for fame, fortune and certainly not the utter dismay of the selection from so many.

I for one, am quite happy about Marsala. It’s romantic, rich, versatile and such a subtle way to add colour in everything from modern to traditional spaces. I love that Pantone stepped outside the box of what people were expecting, blues, greys, yellows to name a few, and brought forth an arguably neutral colour with depth and interest.

There is an Essie nail polish called “In Stitches” I’ve seen around Pinterest as a colour representation of Marsala and I love it’s description “Cheeky, blush pink polish knows just how to work it. This elegantly tailored nail lacquer moves seamlessly from day to night and has the neutral nail look all sewn up.”

Cheeky, knows how to work it, elegant, tailored, day or night, and neutral. Sounds like the perfect mix to me!




1.  a dark, sweet, fortified dessert wine that resembles sherry, produced in Sicily.

You had me at dessert.
While you’re drooling over the inspiration board of Marsala inspired images you might be thinking, “how do I add this into my own home?” Good news! There are lovely and simple ways to add one item or a few in order to add a refresh and bring a little taste of “Sicily” into your space. And here’s the thing… it doesn’t have to be the exact colour. Take this as inspiration, not the absolute. Variations of the colour are acceptable and quiet frankly I just love the idea of people introducing colour in their homes on any level.

marsala colour of the year product inspiration

I’ve already been wearing this colour for over a year in clothing, polish and lipstick and I love the fact that we’ll be seeing more of it in interiors. Introducing this rich and full-bodied red-brown colour into homes is wonderful IMHO (in my humble opinion). Perhaps it will take a year for others to come around to Marsala, but by then there’ll be another colour to complain about.

Inspiration image credits clockwise from top right: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8

Product source guide: 1 l 2 l 3 l 4 l 5 l 6 l 7 l 8  Nyla Free Designs, Calgary Interior Designer, Calgary Professional, Interior Designer,


lately loving: neon signs

neon signs in interiors Neon signs are typically thought of as outdoor signage, highlighting landmarks with beams of bright and colourful light, prominent mostly at night, they are also quiet visible in daylight. Signs have a tacky reputation in some cases, however in others, the attention to graphics become a prominent feature making them works of art, not just an indication of building or company name.

The use of neon started over 100 years ago and became increasingly popular in the US from 1920 – 1960. Since then, we have seen a decline in the use of the gas charged tubes in signs outdoors, however great efforts are being made to preserve and restore antique neon signs. The Museum of Neon Art (MONA), located in Glendale California encourages learning and curiosity of the art form both new and old, also offering neon cruises through the streets of Los Angeles.

Now the trend is moving inside with the art of neon becoming wildly popular in interiors. Artists are embracing this medium with text, geometrics and once again large signs used as dynamic wall decor. All you need is a plug in…

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