blogging, or not…

While on a flight home from Toronto a few weeks ago I created a blog calendar. Browsing photos and ideas, I wrote a topic for each day until the end of March. Thrilled with myself, I opened my calendar Monday morning to admire my work and……nothing. In fact my whole calendar had been wiped out. All Nyla Free Designs work entries were now non existent. #cuethetears

After a two hour visit to the Apple store ‘special projects’ division and the nice young man bearing bad news early in the morning I walked away trying to remember my entire January. iCloud, you failed me.

My oldest daughter, bless her, loves to talk and the best part is she tells me everything. So a recent conversation goes something like this:

A: “Oh Mom, I hope you don’t mind if I deleted your meetings off our iPad”

Me: “What do you mean, deleted?”

A: “You know, ‘meeting with Judy’…things like that.”

Me: “So you deleted everything in the calendar that was mine?”

A: “Um, well, ohhhh….”

You’re probably wondering what I’m getting at. Well, iCloud is working perfectly fine amongst all Apple products in our household. Good news.

I re-created my blog calendar but as I look at what I’m ‘supposed’ to be blogging about tonight, it’s just not coming to me. The pretty pictures are there, but nothing else. No substance or giant level of inspiration. Sometimes you gotta leave it alone and walk away. Am I right?

Blog calendars are a great idea and I will endeavor to use mine, however….and that’s a BIG however. If it’s not right it’s not right and I’m not going to force it, for tonight anyway.

Do you use a blog calendar? How does it work for you? Any advice you can offer? How do you organize your blogs?

I love the dialogue a blog can bring so comment away and let me know your thoughts. And thanks for listening :)

Image via: ohmydeer‘s etsy shop

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