what *modern* means to: michelle carangi

MODERN. I’m not referring to the dictionary meaning but rather the feeling, the emotion or the lifestyle of a Modern interior. Vintage, retro, mid-century, classic, country. These have all been paired with the word Modern. This week I am exploring what Modern means with four people I admire and would love to introduce you to or if you already know them, for you to get to know them better.

Fabulous opportunities have come about for Michelle in the last year and it’s no surprise. Her blog, Holley & Gill radiates with eloquent writing and gorgeous images and what I love best is that she causes you to think and ponder thoughts on design and it’s processes. Michelle is so aware of the design world in all it’s shapes and forms and truly passionate about every single detail. Holley & Gill began as custom headboards designed by Michelle and hand crafted in Montreal. Michelle is a blog contributor for Poppy Talk and HGTV Canada and has most recently become Style Editor for Pure Green Magazine. Congratulations on all your success this year Michelle! and thank you for sharing your thoughts today.

“What is modern to me?”

In the world of iconic furniture, products and interiors, the hardest part of the design process is not the creative stage but in fact, the editing stage.

To me, modern is a complete design which has already done all the editing for us. It has visited the extremes, has been inspired by it all and left us with the most important and integral lines, shapes and surfaces. All together, it has managed to push all limits and beliefs to evoke entirely new emotions from its viewers unlike any others.

Modern by definition also means that it is ahead of its time. So a few other questions come to mind: Is it still considered modern once inspiration is drawn from it and morphed into something new? If a variation or a new take has been developed, does its label as being modern no longer apply?

If an innovative design stands the test of time, keeps challenging those limits and its audience and remains captivating, then regardless of when it came to be, it will always remain relevant and modern in my eyes.

Thank you Nyla for letting me in on such a great discussion and topic!

Images via: William O-Brien Jr.


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