Let's Learn: Fall Flowers 101


As fall is upon us, the changing season means our gardens are being dug up for the year, trees are losing their leaves and a feeling of sadness occurs outdoors. At least that's the case here in Alberta! While flowers are synonymous with spring and summer, there's still plenty of fabulous floral options to continue to bring life and colour into your home throughout fall. Here's a 101 guide to what's in season! 


Natural colours include yellow or deep purple/brown. Orange sunflowers are in fact artificially coloured. With their large centres, layers of petals and tall stems, a little goes a long way. Sunflowers are the symbol of faith, loyalty and adoration. Love this! 

Fall Flowers 101, Brown Sunflowers, Nyla Free Designs Inc.
Fall Flowers 101, Orange Sunflowers, Nyla Free Designs Inc.
Fall Flowers 101, Yellow Sunflowers, Nyla Free Designs Inc.


A symbol of tranquility, sedum is in bloom from August to late November and colours include hot pink, dark pink, brown and green. The flowers change from deep pink to copper giving you two looks in one. 

The cluster of 5-15 "berry-like" flowers range in colour from pale green, white and light pink. Snowberries are most popular in October and November. 

Fall Flowers 101, Sedum, Nyla Free Designs Inc.
Fall Flowers 101, Snowberry, Nyla Free Designs Inc.


Available in variety of colours such as burgundy, red, orange, white, hot pink and light pink, dahlias bloom in September and are a symbol of dignity. 

Fall Flowers 101, Dahlias, Nyla Free Designs Inc.


Rose hips are the buds left after the blooms fall from a wild rose. They begin their formation after a successful pollination in the spring or early summer and ripen late summer and fall. The fruit has 20 times more vitamin C than an orange! Aside from floral decor, rose hips are also used for herbal teas, jams and jellies, syrup, pies, bread and wine.

Chinese lanterns are an ornamental plant offering longevity well into the fall. Their bright orange, paper-like cover protects it's fruit while providing the look of paper lanterns. It's fruit is edible, however once dried, the fruit is used in Unani medicine as a diuretic, antiseptic, liver corrector and sedative.

Fall Flowers 101, Rose Hips, Nyla Free Designs Inc.
Fall Flowers 101, Chinese Lanterns, Nyla Free Designs Inc.


Cucumis are small "fuzzy" fruits that can be added to flower arrangements to add interesting texture. They are harder to find however, Wild About Flowers (in Calgary) currently has some in stock. So cute!

Pampas grasses have a slight pink hue to them adding just a touch of colour. Their feathery, flower head plumes are widely used in arrangements or on their own for a larger impact. In general, fall is the most interesting time to buy grass varieties. Other in season grasses include cat tails and corn flowers.

Fall Flowers 101, Cucumis, Nyla Free Designs Inc.
Fall Flowers 101, Pampus Grass, Nyla Free Designs Inc.

I hope this has inspired you to add some fall flavour into your everyday decor with flowers and grasses!