Weekend Link Love


It's rare that I have a moment to sit down and read. It's a luxury I need to make more time for. In the digital world it's so easy to turn to our phones for articles, photo inspiration and general time wasting opportunities. With the huge shift to digital, I remain very thankful that print magazines are still alive and well. They're fighting through the noise of a tech filled world and offering us some solace, a moment to sit down and connect with the feeling of turning pages rather than double tapping. I read the latest Dote, a Calgary lifestyle magazine, from cover to cover a few weekends ago and it was so refreshing. So, no link love this weekend. Instead I encourage you to pick up a magazine, book or newspaper and grab a cup of coffee or glass of wine, take a deep breath and enjoy! The only brightness adjustment you'll need to make will be from a lamp instead of a screen. 

Dote Magazine, Weekend Reading, Nyla Free Designs Inc.


Happy weekend!