Country House: Selecting Hardware


There are countless selections and decisions to be made when building or renovating a home. It is an intense and thoughtful process and one an interior designer participates greatly in. It is overwhelming at times with the abundance of options available, and staying on the right design path is difficult with an overdose of visual eye candy. 

With our country house project, each area of selections has been detailed and thoughtfully approached based on the surrounding areas. The hardware is no exception. We did not choose one handle or pull and apply it throughout, rather an extensive review of each area of millwork was required and each area in turn, had a different selection based on use, cabinet finish and overall look and feel. 

We took with us the cabinet door samples, plans, a list of all areas requiring hardware, quantities and pre-determined sizes for each cabinet. We're excited to see this functional and decorative layer added to each door and drawer. 

Here is a quick look at the process. 

Nyla Free Designs Hardware Selection from nyla free on Vimeo.

And what did we choose? Here's a peek at a few of our selections. 

Installation of millwork is starting soon. Best get this hardware on order!

Sources: Video editing: Jamie Wensley / Hardware: Banbury Lane