Dinner By Design 2016 Japanese Table


The last few months have been a whirlwind on multiple levels. One of our projects, among many, was our Dinner by Design space in support of ACAD and Contemporary Calgary. While we came up with our idea last summer we didn't finalize the concept until earlier this year. Then of course came the planning, design and execution in preparation for the big event at the beginning of June. We were ambitious with our vision and it took an incredible amount of detail and hard work by many to pull it off. Here is some insight into our space from concept to completion. Below, Alex's concept sketch in the early planning stages.

Infusing design elements of shoji screens, parasols and graphic script signifying harmony, zen, beauty, freedom, fortune, home and heart, we created a space where the fundamentals of Japanese culture reside, especially those of friends and family as they dine together.

It was a labour intensive process building the walls and ceiling but well worth it as we see the perimeter space complete and ready for furniture and table settings.

Nihonjin-hyō | Japanese Table

Travel with us to a land steeped in deep traditions, simplicity and respect. With passionate, hard working and innovative people we found inspiration from the Japanese story "The Wind Rises", about young Jiro Horikoshi who longs to become a pilot. His dream is realized in the form of designing planes with the help of an Italian mentor, seen only in his dreams, as well as his late wife who celebrates his achievements and exhorts her husband to live life to the fullest, even after her death.

It's all in the details.

Where there is passion, there is hard work. Where there is trust, there is perseverance. Where there is a mentor, there is a friend. Success comes from believing in yourself, believing in your dreams and living life to it's fullest. The ones who believe in you will stand beside you, lift you up when you fall and cheer when you succeed. As in the story of Jiro, perseverance is paramount. Let's celebrate our passions and successes!

We had the privilege of having the crew from Module Creative Agency on site capturing a behind the scenes look at the build process of our space, right to the Cocktail Art event. 

DinnerbyDesign2016 from nyla free on Vimeo.

We hope you enjoyed this peek into our 2016 Dinner by Design Japanese inspired space. Click here to see the amazing sponsors who supported us in this incredible endeavour.