Flow: A Magazine For Paper Lovers


Buying magazines during vacation is a typical "thing" I do and admittedly most revolve around interiors. However I do like to see if there's anything new on the stands or a title I'm not familiar with. While at Barnes and Noble, stalking every type of magazine from cooking to crafting, I came across an interesting cover titled FLOW. Not only the name grabbed me but also the illustration and overall feel (literally) of the magazine itself. I flipped through and decided to add it to my pile. 

I proceeded to read it cover to cover, completely enthralled with every article. So much so the spine came apart. I savoured each page and took in the story, the lesson, the inspiration and new insights from each article. For paper lovers (I'm a total paper geek), and people who are inspired by the thought of slowing down and embracing imperfection - something that goes against the societal norm these days - this magazine is for you.

FLOW magazine celebrates a purposeful life. It embraces a slower pace, taking time to enjoy the world around you, even (and arguable most importantly) the little things.

The magazine is Dutch based, however the focus is worldwide. From a family living off grid in British Columbia to an illustrator/ fabric designer originally from Scandinavia now living in New York City. 

If this sounds like your cup of tea, make yourself a large pot, sit back and enjoy this inspiring read. I can hardly wait for the next issue!

Sources: Flow Magazine