Sylvan Lake Cottage Part 1: Living Room


We completed a modern cottage from top to bottom in Sylvan Lake recently and are excited to finally! share the results with you. We'll be doing this in a series of posts as there's just too many great rooms to share. 

This cottage was designed to house multiple families, which of course included lots of kids. Our clients wanted to embrace the childhood memories the husband had in this area and share this with their own children and family members. All spaces were designed with a purpose in mind and careful thought to all furniture pieces selected. Our goal throughout the entire home was to keep the finishes and materials to a soft, modern palette. The living space has become a hub of relaxation, conversation and enjoying nature, even if you are inside. The custom day bed is a coveted spot for afternoon naps and a quiet moment to gaze out to the lake. Sounds like bliss to me! 

Living Room:

This image gives you a sneak peek into the desk area adjacent the dining room. We'll share that and the kitchen next! 

Photography: Phil Crozier